Homeopathy Crossword September 2019

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  • 1. This elemental metal remedy has, chest is so weak as to make talking impossible.
  • 2. For acute cardiac failure with peculiar mottled cyanosis, Dr. Douglas Borland recommends this acid remedyl.
  • 3. This elemental metal remedy has clonic spasms beginning in finger and toes and spreading over entire body. Skin is blue.
  • 4. Ths precious metal remedy thinks she is born in a high family. Delusion she is growing. Contemptuous
  • 5. This carbonicum is indicated in infacny and old age and those who are backward mentally and physically, dwarfish.
  • 6. Sanguinaria has an affinity for this side of the body.
  • 7. This sea remedy has rapid and violent palpitation, with dyspnoea and cannot lie down. Worse after sleep,
  • 8. This sarcode glandular has use in myxoedema with loss of hair. Also,.arrested development of children.
  • 9. This plant remedy is often called a more intense or exaggerated form of Gelsemium
  • 10. This halogen remedy has asthma after sea bathing, can't take a deep breath, as if breathing through a sponge.
  • 11. This remedy made from Dandelion has an affinity for the liver and a keyonte is mapped tongue.


  • 12. A cystic tumor developing on a tendon which sometimes occurs on the back of the wrist.
  • 13. This acid remedy has ecchymosis, petechiae, purpura haemorrhagica. Livid, red, itching blotches. Haemorrhage of black blood from all outlets. Cicatrices turn red and blue and become painfu
  • 14. This angiosperm plant remedy has ailments from supressed anger and aggr from sexual abuse.
  • 15. This plant remedy has aggravation from thunderstorms. Amelioration from heat of the sun.
  • 16. Ailments from abuse is an indication for this plant remedy that has amelioration from doubling up.
  • 17. Lumbricoides refers to this type of worm.
  • 18. Remedy made from Mescal buttons
  • 19. Sabal Serrulata is know for its use in problems with this organ found in men.
  • 20. This strong acid remedy has urine with the odor of horses urine.
  • 21. This left sided plant remedy has neuralgia of the fifth nerve and is also useful in pericarditis with sticking pain.
  • 22. This heavy metal remedy had symptoms that appear slowly and insidiously, emaciation of paralyzed parts, impaction.
  • 23. The remedy from the red starfish is important in breast cancer.

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