Homeopathy Crossword October 2019

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Can you solve this homeopathy crossword? Play this new homeopathic crossword for October 2019.

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  • 1. This plant remedy has inactivity of bowels from muscular paresis. Faeces impacted, or little, hard, dry, black balls.
  • 2. In cholera with watery, greenish like spinach, or bloody stools,with cramps, cold sweat on the forehead. The remedy?
  • 3. This acid remedy produces caries of the long bones, with thin and excoriating discharges, relieved by cold applications.
  • 4. The colds of Arsenicum always settles in the nose, while that of Phosphorus settles in the ________
  • 5. This plant remedy has violent delirium. Aggr in a dark room, when alone, looking at bright or shining objects.
  • 6. This metal oxide remedy has dryness and inactivity of the rectum, and soft stools expelled with difficulty.
  • 7. This plant remedy has cerebral softening from sedentary habits and intemperance. Vertigo in the morning. Gastric symptoms.
  • 8. This acute remedy has idiopathic cerebral inflammation, cerebral congestion, from anger or exposure to sun.
  • 9. This remedy is indicated in cholera with body cold as ice, great prostration; voice squeaky or husky, upper lip retracted.
  • 10. Alai nasi is a keynote of this flatulent remedy.
  • 11. Nasal catarrh, cracked nostrils,discharge fetid, caries of the nasal bones, suggests this elemental syphilitic remedy. .


  • 12. This plant remedy is useful in bronchitis with pressure over sternum, dyspnoea, dry cough, aggr after a meal, motion.
  • 13. Colds with watery discharges, vesicular eruptions about the lips, mouth, nose, dry posterior nares, suggest this natrum. worse in the evening while undressing and in morning on rising.
  • 14. A ripe cold with a thick, yellow, bland discharge, no sneezing or excoriation, suggests this plant remedy.
  • 15. Natrum sulphuricumIn is useful in this particular type of heavy metal induced colic.
  • 16. Convulsions after any emotion; child is petulant, one cheek red, the other pale; hot sweat about face. The remedy?
  • 17. Carbuncle with sensitiveness of surface, looks bluish, with many small pimples, suggests this snake remedy.
  • 18. Colic with pains radiating from abdomen, relieved by walking and throwing the body backwards. The remedy?
  • 19. Plant remedty useful for injurines to bones. For non-union of fractures and irritable stump after amputation.
  • 20. Carbuncle with lancinating and burning pains; worse after midnight, relieved by heat, suggests this remedy.
  • 21. Glonoine isymptoms are worse from bending the head in this direction.
  • 22. This kali remedy has broncitis with dyspncea, cough worse at two to three AM, stitching pains
  • 23. This mineral remedy fits scrofulous children whose bones are curved, spinal curvature; Potts' disease.

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