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  • 1. This remedy is useful in stammering, when the patient exerts himself a long time before answreing. Desires light, company.
  • 2. Iberis is a remedy that has a strong affinity for this organ.
  • 3. Ammonium Carbonicum is incompatible with this snake remedy.
  • 4. Mercurius is incompatible wth this mineral remedy.
  • 5. Coffea is incompatible with this remedy made from dried beetles.
  • 6. This elemental remedy is indicated in goiter, especially in patients who are spare, dark and active.
  • 7. In cholera, this remedy is sometimes used in drop doses of the tincture.
  • 8. HRI is a homeopathic organization that deals with this aspect of homeopathy,
  • 9. This spider remedy is considered almost a specific in angina pectoris.
  • 10. Never well since chilling when overhearted suggests this plant remedy that constantly talks about business.
  • 11. Selenium and this plant remedy are inimical.


  • 12. This miasm spends itself on the meninges of the brain, the eyes, the bones.
  • 13. This Kali remedy has the delusion he has heart disease and is going to die.
  • 14. Most often indicated remedy for enlarged spleen
  • 15. Phosphorous is inimical to this mineral remedy.
  • 16. Month in which Samuel Hahnemann was born.
  • 17. This carbonicum is often indicated for surgical shock.
  • 18. Made from the Buttercup, this remedy is often indicated for the bad effects of alcoholic beverages.
  • 19. This elemental metal remedy can get an irrestible impulse to kill her child or husband.
  • 20. This elemental metal remedy has anxiety ameliorated when lying down. Many other symptoms are also better lying down.
  • 21. This excitable, remedy made from a liquid mix of hydorcarbons, is worse riding in cars and has motions sickness.
  • 22. In 1822 he was asked to write a book demolishing Homoeopathy, but he became a world renowned homeopath.
  • 23. The hydrogenoid constitution would correspond most to this miasm.

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