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  • 1. The toothache of Coffea is relieved permanently by holding ____water in the mouth.
  • 2. Hepar sulph., China, Nitric acid, Iodine, Dulcamara, Kali iod., Mezereum and Aurum all antidote this remedy.
  • 3. This polychrest exists in three forms, orthorhombic, . monoclinic, and amorphous.
  • 4. What acid remedy corresponds to HNO3
  • 5. The alternative name for Actea Racemosa is __________
  • 6. Polychrest for ailments from the use of drastic medicines, purgatives, sedentary habits, spicy and rich food.
  • 7. This hydrocarbon remedy has seasicknes with vertigo. Vertigo aggrvated from raising his eyes.
  • 8. This whale derived remedy has sleeplessness due to worry about business matters.
  • 9. Bryonia is best know for this type of pain.
  • 10. Iodine best suits ____ complexioned people.
  • 11. This halogen is specifically indicated in spasm of the glottis.
  • 12. Nosode made from the tuberculous virus and a portion of the tuberculous lung.


  • 13. Calomel refers to Mercurius ______
  • 14. If you remove water from this substance, C12H22O11,what is left?
  • 15. Ammonium _______ was commonly referred to as smelling salts.
  • 16. This nosode has offensive body odor, despite washing, and headaches accompanied by great hunger,
  • 17. This remedy is Indicted in nervous children who cannot tolerate pain, where one cheek is red and the other pale.
  • 18. The cough and vomiting of this metal remedy is relieved by a drink of cold water.
  • 19. What acid remed corresponds to H3PO4
  • 20. Taraxacum is derived from this plant.
  • 21. This Carbon remedy has moist, sticky eruptions, eczema, and fissures in the skin..
  • 22. Alternate name for Hydrophobinum
  • 23. This blue-silvery metal remedy has twitching muscles, aggr from wine, formication and aggr in the evening. 5. Hypersesthesia of the senses and skin.

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