Can you solve this homeopathy crossword? Play this new homeopathic crossword for August 2019.

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  • 1. This plant extract remedy is useful for the bad effects of high altitudes, as mountain climbing. Craves Stimulants
  • 2. This plant remedy for sea sickness has deathly nausea, pallor, coldness; agg by least motion, amel by fresh cold air..
  • 3. This Leguminosae remedy feels her body is scattered about the bed; tosses about to get the pieces together. Bruised feeling.
  • 4. Alumina, Plumbum, Opium and Belladonna are indicated for this acute condition of the bowels..
  • 5. Remedy made from the mescal button. Intoxication accompanied by wonderful visions.
  • 6. Burnett stated that he twice cured cancer of the liver with this remedy made from gallstones.
  • 7. In lactation, Hering stated: this lac remedy has never failed to bring the milk back, in from 12-24 four hours.
  • 8. Newborns may need this plant remedy if they are blue from asphyxia; and the pulse is failing. Blue asphyxia; pulse failing.
  • 9. This spider remedy has an exact periodicity, aggravation from dampness, extreme sensitiveness and nervous excitability.
  • 10. One hypothesis about how homeopathy works involves these tiny particles.
  • 11. Snake remedy useful in restoring a heart damaged by acute inflammation, and effects of hypertrophy and valvular lesions.


  • 12. This nosode is prophylactic for smallpox.
  • 13. This plant remedy is indicated in earache with acute stabbing pains amel by hot applications, wanting to be comforted.
  • 14. This remedy made from pure clay has Inactivity of the rectum and must strain for a soft stool.
  • 15. This remedy made fromt the bark of Galipea Cusparia has a keynote of great craving for coffee. Crackling in all joints.
  • 16. Remedy from Yellow Jasmine has bad effects from fright, fear and sudden emotions.
  • 17. Mineral remedy often indicated for renention of urine after labor.
  • 18. This Scrophulariaceae remedy has profuse acrid lachrymation with profuse, bland coryza.
  • 19. Nosode made from corn smut. Depression of spirits in afternoon. Prostration from sexual abuse.
  • 20. This acid remedy has extreme prostration after injuries, after surgical shock; after anesthetics.
  • 21. Remedy for post-partum hemorrhage, bright red, hot blood, clots easily, hot face and head, full bounding pulse, Worse jar.
  • 22. This acid remedy of the halogen group has complaints of old age, or premature old age; in the syphilitic mercurial dyscrasia.
  • 23. European country that recently decided their health care system would no longer reimburse homeopathy.

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