Do you have enough knowledge of homeopathy materia medica to solve this crossword from May 2022? Test your knowledge now.

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  • 1. Dysentery with constant nausea, stools with bright blood, or green mucus. Tongue clean with nausea suggests this remedy..
  • 2. Cystitis - Abdomen and bladder sore, urine has odor of violets, suggests this rmeedy.
  • 3. Typhoid -hemorrhages; blood dark, fluid, non-coagulable. Tongue fiery-red, yellow skin suggests this snale remedy.
  • 4. Cystitis - Painful discharge of a few drops of bloody urine, cutting pains during urination, tongue fiery-red. The remedy?
  • 5. Scarlet fever with purple face, worse for heat, throat worse left side, sleeps into aggravation may need this remedy.
  • 6. Measles - Pain goes to ear when swallowing, worse from heat, fauces dark red, as if red hot ball in throat. The remedy?
  • 7. Flu with profuse, very offensive sweat, foul mouth, excess salivation, worse when sweating suggests this remedy.
  • 8. Pneumonia - Yellowish skin, whites of eyes yellow, bitter taste, desires hot food, aching pain ight lobe of liver. The remedy?


  • 9. This mercurius is often a specific in diphtheria.
  • 10. Scarlet Fever with rough rash, or rash does not aappear, throat oedematous, stinging pain, worse heat:suggests this remedy.
  • 11. This natrum fits sycotic, hydorgenoid constitution, aggr dampness, worse at rest, suicidal.
  • 12. Typhoid Ttriangular red-tipped tongue, restless, can't rest in any position, dDreams of strenuous exertion sugests this remedy.
  • 13. Mealses with rash slow to appear: dry, painful cough. chewing motions, mild delirium, wants to go home, needs this remdey.!
  • 14. Measles with acrid, watery lachrymation and streaming bland discharge from nose may suggest this remedy..
  • 15. Influenza with fever, headache. eyelids and limbs heavy, aches all over,.chills up and down back. sugests this remedy.
  • 16. This elemental remedy patient is delicate, waxy, anemic,sensitive to all impressions, desire to be rubbed, desires ice cold water.
  • 17. Dysentery - Much colic, only relieved by bending double, and pressing hard into abdomen may suggest this remedy..
  • 18. Typhoid - Bed feels hard, Great restlessness; must constantly move suggests this nosode.
  • 19. Flu with besotted expression, dull red face, drowsy, foul tongue amy need this remedy.
  • 20. Diphtheria - right sided symptoms, amel warm drinks, nostrils flap; frowning forehead, suggests this remedy.
  • 21. Inflluenza with aching in bones, as if broken, lumbar aching. headache and dare not move for pain.
  • 22. Pneumonia - Sensitive to cold, draft, touch, splinter like pains, disposition to contradict; may suggest this remedy.

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