Homeopathy Crossword April 2022

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  • 1. This remedy from the marking nut is often indicated in poison ivy.
  • 2. Insect remedy sometimes indicated in asthma.
  • 3. Historian of homeopathy and and author of Divided Legacy (4 volumes) Harris
  • 4. Nosode made from rotting meat.
  • 5. Author of The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica (5 volumes). He discovered the remedy Lachesis.
  • 6. In pneumonia, Bryonia has an affinity for this lung.
  • 7. American Homeopath and Author of Desktop Guide to Keynotes and Confirmatory Symptoms - Roger
  • 8. Homeopathic plant remedy that has been successfully used to prevent polio.
  • 9. Homeopathic plant remedy most often indicated for abrasion of cornea.
  • 10. Author of the 3 volume A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica. John Henry ..


  • 11. He was the author of Leaders in Homeopathic Therapeutics Eugene
  • 12. Insect remedy used for burns and urinary troubles. Frequent urge to urinate and burning pains.
  • 13. Children who masturbate early, are worse for dampness, crave ice drinks may need this nosode as constitutional..
  • 14. A founding member of the Argentine School of Homeopathic Medicine. Eugeio F.
  • 15. Children who crave sweets, get right sided ailments have flatulence and consitipatoin may need remedy. .
  • 16. Children born with hair on the spine, get lung problems and grind their teeth in sleep may need this nosode as constitutional..
  • 17. Children who grow tall and thin, fear the dark and crave cold food may need this remedy as constitutional.
  • 18. He is the author of Levels of Health George
  • 19. Sea remedy for cough that sounds like sawing a log. Better from hot drinks.
  • 20. Homeopath and author of the alphabetical Homeopathic Medical Repertory. He passed in 2022. Robin.
  • 21. This stinging plant remedy is also used for shellfish poisoning.
  • 22. People needing this king of antipsorics may have the delusion that they are not appreciated.
  • 23. Plant remedy with profuse salivatoin and clean tongue, nausea and vomiting with many ailments.
  • 24. Famous American homeopath 1896-1967 Elizabeht Wright
  • 25. American homeopath who was Boenninghausen's pupil. Caroll

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  1. Please check 8 across. Couldn’t finish the crossword until I clicked solve. I was writing Lathyrus and the solve function corrected it to Lathryus. It is misspelled.

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