Do you have enough knowledge of homeopathy materia medica to solve this crossword from March 2022? Test your knowledge now.

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  • 1. This insect remedy is often indicated in treatened miscarriage in the 4th month.
  • 2. Mastitis with rapid onset, hard, swollen breast and throbbing pain suggests this remedy.
  • 3. This plant remedy is often indicated in painful burns.
  • 4. Carpenters who get lots of splinters should keep this remedy handy.
  • 5. Symphoricarpus racemosa is indicated for an extreme version of this sickness.
  • 6. Cardus marianus, Leptandra and Taraxacum all have an affinity for this organ.
  • 7. Giving birth In a difficult labor, with a feeling of being under a black cloud, or losing her mind, suggests this remedy.
  • 8. Boenninghausen's nationality
  • 9. With unendurable labor pains this patient is uncivil and abusive.
  • 10. This remedy is sometimes indicated in radiation poisoning. ________ Sulph
  • 11. Most often indicated remedy in breech birth.
  • 12. This remedy is made from rotting meat and used for septic states. Pulse is out of sync with fever.
  • 13. Perineal tears with razor like wounds requires this angry remedy to speed healing.
  • 14. Threatened miscarriage from 5th - 7th month with bearing down pans in uterus, bladder, rectum sugest this sea remedy.
  • 15. Remedy made from sunlight


  • 16. This nosode was used successfully to prevent smallpox during an epidemic in Iowa in 1902.
  • 17. Borrelia Burgdorferi is the nosode of this disease.
  • 18. Postpartum hemorrhage with great fear of death, restlessness, unquenchable thirst, hot dry face, suggests this remedy.
  • 19. This Kali cell salt is indicated in brain exhaustion.
  • 20. This remedy made from an insect has been used for asthma.
  • 21. Convallaria, Crataegus and Cactus all have an affinity for this organ.
  • 22. During an epidemic of polio in Buenos Aires in 1957, this remedy was used successfully to prevent polio.
  • 23. Homeopath who developed CEASE terap for autism. Tinus ______

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