Do you have enough knowledge of homeopathy materia medica to solve this crossword from February 2022? Test your knowledge now.

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  • 1. This remedy is indicated in gangrene with relief from warmth. Soreness and burning in the parts affected. Restlessness
  • 2. Spleen remedy - Spleen enlarged, persistent pain in the left hypochondrium with intense dyspnoea. The remedy?
  • 3. In marasmus this remedy has extreme hunger but patient still emaciates. Great torpidity, sluggishness.
  • 4. This natrum cell salt is sometimes indicated in acidosis.
  • 5. Agalactia resulting from a fit of anger, face red, uncivil, may require this remedy.
  • 6. Irritable bladder, strong-smelling urine; high colored, offensive ammoniacal odor, like that of the horse. Thie acid remedy?
  • 7. This plant remedy is often indicated in carpal tunnel syndrome. Worse from damp cold, better from warmth.
  • 8. In labor, the pains fly across the abdomen from side to side. Patient doublest up. Feeling of black clouds. The remedy?
  • 9. Violent purulent ophthalmia. Thick, yellow, profuse bland discharge. The remedy is __________ nitricum.


  • 10. The teeth turn black and crumble as soon as they appear. This remedy is also indicated in suppressed anger.
  • 11. This remedy is indicated in sciatica with pain accompanied by numbness.G_______________
  • 12. This remedy in diphtheria has oedema of the throat; stinging pains; elongated, swollen, edematous uvula.
  • 13. In diabetes this heavy elemental remedy has emaciation, great thirst,vomits food, excessive urine. __________ nitricum
  • 14. Agalactia with swollen breasts, painful, the flow of milk is absent or scanty. The patient is depressed, tearful. The remedy?
  • 15. Violent adominal colic relieved by bending double and by pressing something hard into the abdomen. The Remedy?
  • 16. Seasickness with nausea worse from motion, vertigo; when the he raises his eyes; bilious vomiting. The indicated remedy?
  • 17. This halogen remedy in croup has deep, hoarse voice. Inspiration causes coughing. Breathing is hoarse, rasping, whistling.
  • 18. Msde from a type of beetle, this remedy is indicated in painful burns.
  • 19. Remedy for toothache which is relieved permanently by holding cold water in the mouth.
  • 20. Apoplexy with rattling, stertorous breathing, very dark red face, pupils pinpoint may require this remedy. .

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