Do you have enough knowledge of homeopathy materia medica to solve this crossword from January 2022? Test your knowledge now.

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  • 1. Remed from Cud Weed indicated in sciatica when pain is associated with numbness.
  • 2. Mel Cum Sale is a remedy sometimes indicated in prolapsus uteri. It is made from salt and this sweet substance.
  • 3. This arachnida remedy has violent praecordial pain extending to the axilla, the forearm and the fingers.
  • 4. Remed made from Corn-smut .
  • 5. Lac Vaccinum is made from this animal.
  • 6. Plant remedy indicated in leprosy when skin feels as if it were hide bound.
  • 7. Remedy made from Pure Clay. Spare, dryo, thin patients. Constipation so that even soft stool requires straining.
  • 8. This plant is indicated in liver problems with with jaundice and black, tarry stools.
  • 9. Remedy from Yarrow may be indicated in bright red hemorrhages.
  • 10. This snake remedy produces a typical bulbar paralysis. It causes no haemorrhage but only edema. Angina pain.
  • 11. This Kali remedy had anxiety felt in the stomach. It's also an important remedy in labor.
  • 12. Halogen remedy indicated when there is rapid metabolism and loss of flesh in spite of great appetite.
  • 13. This acid remedy has mental debility first and later physical debility. Crasves juicy things.
  • 14. This acid remedy may be indicated in violent froms of epidemic influenza. The acid is formed in muscle tissue during exhaustion.


  • 15. This Mercurius remed is often thought of as a specific for malignant diphtheria.
  • 16. This Veratrum is made from Green Hellebore
  • 17. Ths plant remedy has mapped tongue. Important liver remedy.
  • 18. This nosode is indicated in epidemic spleen diseases of domestic animals.
  • 19. This Kali remedy may be indicated in cancer of the tongue..
  • 20. Remedy made from Mountain Laurel.
  • 21. Oleum Jecoris Aselli is made from this kind of fish.
  • 22. This Carbo remedy in indicated in hard tumors, indurated and swollen lymphatic glands.
  • 23. Allium remedy that has coryza: with acrid nasal discharge and bland lachrymation.
  • 24. Acid remedy made from Trinitrophenol. Also used non- homeopathically for burns.

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