Homeopathy Crossword December 2021

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

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  • 1. Metal remedy used for fecal impaction.
  • 2. Alumina is effecting in poisoning from this heavy metal.
  • 3. This plant remedy is prone to warts and gets sick from oniions.
  • 4. This Sulph remedy may be indicated in radiation sickness.
  • 5. Morbillinum is the nosode of this disease.
  • 6. This metal remedy longs for the good opinion of others. Keeps up brightly in company and is exhausted afterwards.
  • 7. This beverage remedy has unbearable pain, worse from touch, noise, odors.
  • 8. Plant remedy useful in acute psychoses. Delusion he is two people. Caught between his good and evil sides.
  • 9. Remedy from Goldenseal
  • 10. This disease iinvolves inflammation of the membranes around the brain and spinal cord. Stiff neck is one syomptom.
  • 11. Kidney stone remedy with pain radiating in all directions Bubbling sensation in kidney region.
  • 12. Remedy for sleeplessness in caregivers and brought on by loss of sleep.
  • 13. Yesina pestis is the nosode of this disease.


  • 14. Borelia burgdorferi is the nosode of this disease.
  • 15. In pneumonia, this remedy is indicated when worse 4-8 pm, nostrils flare, flatulence.
  • 16. This remedy in nephritis has no thirst, edema of face and limbs, worse from heat.
  • 17. This mineral remedy is an important antidote to mercury toxicity. Worse from cold, draft, touch.
  • 18. This remedy from Hippomane has fear of the devil and fear of insanity.
  • 19. Nosode of rabies
  • 20. This plant remedy has proven effective in preventing polio.
  • 21. The nosode of smallpox
  • 22. This Kali remedy haas fear of losing control and strong sense of duty. Aggr 2 to 4 A.M.
  • 23. Belladonna has been used successfully to prevent and treat this fever during epidemics.
  • 24. Important plant rremedy in prostatitis

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