Can you solve this very easy homeopathy crossword? Play this new homeopathic crossword for November 2021.

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  • 1. Cocculus is inimical to this beverage remedy.
  • 2. Ths important liver remedy has pain under angle of right scapula.
  • 3. Bryonia is an acute of this light metal remedy.
  • 4. Bacillinum is an acute of Calc ________.
  • 5. Digitalis should not be followed by this metal remedy.
  • 6. THis plant remedy has fear of insanity, fear of the devil, self torture. Aggr darkness
  • 7. Remedy made from the venom of the Yellow Viper
  • 8. The chronic of Pulsatilla is this remedy.
  • 9. This homeopath was honoured with the Right Livelihood Award for his contribution to homeopathy.
  • 10. These three remedies work best in this sequence: Sulphur, Calc, ________.
  • 11. These three remedies work best in this sequence - Aconiitum, Spongia, ________.
  • 12. An acute of Calcarea carbonicum is this remedy __________.


  • 13. These four remedies work best in this sequence - Phos, Carbo veg., Lyc, Kali _______.
  • 14. Cinchona is inimical to this puncture wound remedy.
  • 15. Remedy made from Mescal
  • 16. This acid remedy is inimical to Aconitum
  • 17. This remedy has burning and stinging pain, better from cold, thirstless, right sided complaints, jealousy.
  • 18. These three remedies work best in this sequence - Pulsatilla, Silica, _______ acid.
  • 19. These three remedies work best in this sequence - Fluoric acid, Silica, ______ acid,
  • 20. An acute of Sepia is this irritable remedy.
  • 21. This remedy is often indicated in angina. Chest pain radiates to L. arm. Restless, dreams of flying.
  • 22. This remedy is an acute of Sulphur
  • 23. Arsenicum is an acute of this plant remedy.
  • 24. Remedy made from Wintergreen
  • 25. Psorinum is inimical to this sea remedy.
  • 26. International homoeopathic medical society that represents homoeopathic physicians in more than 70 countries.
  • 27. Cell phone radiation was shown to cause cancer in the heart and this organ.

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