Homeopathy Crossword July 2021

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  • 1. This acid remedy has marasmus, wasting diseases of children. Great prostration: after: injuries; surgical shock; anesthetics.
  • 2. This fungus derived remedy has Itching with burning and redness, as if frostbitten, of the nose, ears, fingers and toes.
  • 3. Plant that Aconitum is made from.
  • 4. Hepar and Nitric acid both have this sensation of sharp sticking pains as if from _________
  • 5. The word that Kent used that meant domineering.
  • 6. Arum triphyllum is made from the plant JACK IN THE ______
  • 7. Ths elemental remedy is indicated in asthma with agg after midnight, lying down,. Anxious, restless.
  • 8. This elemental metal remedy has convulsions with blue face and clenched thumbs, cramps in the extremities.
  • 9. This plant remedy has a strong aggravation from mussels.
  • 10. This natrum has a strong aversion to oysters.
  • 11. This acid remedy desires carbonated drinks.
  • 12. This nosode has a strong desire for oranges.
  • 13. Older terminology for cerebrovascular accident or stroke.


  • 14. Crataegus is made from this plant.
  • 15. This kali remedy is useful in asthma with agg 3-4 A.M. Amel sitting up, bending forward, expectoration of stringy mucus.
  • 16. This sycotic plant remedy has aggravation from onions.
  • 17. Plant remedy useful for children who are fat, lazy, obstinate, clumsy in movements and experience homesickness.
  • 18. This plant remedy is useful on apoplexy. The symptoms are deep red face. stertorous breathing, convulsion, tetanic rigidity of the body.
  • 19. Taraxacum officinale is made from this plant.
  • 20. This nosode has pain that begins with twilight and ends with daylight Pains increase and decrease gradually.
  • 21. If a secretion is viscous, transparent, like white of egg, it is often referred to as being __________
  • 22. This remedy from Horse Chestnut has haemorrhoidal tendencies, gastric, bilious and catarrhal troubles.
  • 23. People needing this nosode say the bed feels too hard..Restless and must move constantly.
  • 24. Elemental remedy useful for children who are thin, pale, bright mentally, easily tired , perspires on head and neck. Agg milk.

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