Homeopathy Crossword June 2021

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  • 1. In broncitis, this elemental remedy suits sub-acute or lingering cases in delicate, tall, slender, overgrown or phthisical subjects.
  • 2. At onset of cholera this remedy has icy cold face, cold body, squeaky voice, stiff muscles and collapse.
  • 3. In cholera, this remedy has cramps of the muscles of the calves, blue skin, coldness, violent pains in the epigastrium.
  • 4. In asthma, this plant remedy has dyspnoea, threatening suffocation, aggr motion; cough causes gagging and vomiting.
  • 5. In colic this elemental metal remedy has abdominal walls drawn in, obstinate constipation, leg cramps, amel hard pressure.
  • 6. This snake remedy fits disorders in women who have never been well since the climacteric.
  • 7. In gout, this plant remedy has swollen ball of the great toe, drawing pains worse from warmth, pressure and from motion.
  • 8. In carbuncle, this remedy has burning as if from coals of fire, aggr after midnight, irritability of mind and body.
  • 9. Great intolerance of after pains in birthing along with anger suggests this remedy.
  • 10. This sea remedy has a hard, barking, metallic, often dry cough, which is worse from deep breathing and excitement.
  • 11. In stroke, this plant remedy has dark red flushed face and rattling stertorous breathing.
  • 12. In colic, this remedy has constant pain umbilical region, radiating to back and chest, amelioration bending backwards.
  • 13. This plant remedy has anaemia resulting from loss of fluids.
  • 14. In croup, this halogen remedy has cough at every attempt at inspiration, hoarse,rasping, whistling.
  • 15. In bachache, this flatulent remedy has burning between scapulae; stiffness and pain in the small of the back.


  • 16. In colera, this remedy has profuse watery stools, skin cold, blue, cold sweat on forehead and great prostration.
  • 17. This remedy is indicated in colic after abdominal operations or from suppressed anger.
  • 18. In angina, This kali remedy has stitches from heart to scapula and there is great weakness.
  • 19. In stroke, this plant remedy has red face, loss of consciousness, convulsive symptoms, dilated pupils, difficult deglutition.
  • 20. In coryza this remedy has fullness of head, hot fever, chill up the back, no thirst, menatally dull, weakness.
  • 21. Main remedy in constipation from dryness of intestinal tract, inertia of rectum, even soft stool expelled with difficulty.
  • 22. This elemental metal remedy has caries of the cranial bones and violent pains at night.
  • 23. This plant remedy has inflammatory conditions of the brain with violent delirium, epileptiform seizures, vertigo, blindness..
  • 24. This acid remedy has falling of hair from general debility.

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