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Homeopathy Crossword May 2018

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  • 1. This fungus remedy is made from the fresh shoots of the rye plant.
  • 2. Stronium carbonicum may be indicated by shock resulting from this medical procedure.
  • 3. Both Sulphur and Tuberculinum fear this domestic pet.
  • 4. Convulsions from seeing a shiny object or water. Fear of darkness and solitude. The remedy?
  • 5. Homeopath Thomas Pablo Paschero was born in this country.
  • 6. Phos, Sepia and Sulph are among the remedies that have aggravation from this pulpy edible fruit.
  • 7. Brain affections due to suppression of eruptions may call for this elemental remedy.
  • 8. Cantharais is incompatible with this remedy.
  • 9. Sunstroke with pale face,full, round pulse, labored respiration, eyes fixed and cerebral vomiting may indicate this remedy.
  • 10. Hahnemann stated that the highest ideal of therapy is to restore health rapidly, gently and ___________
  • 11. Homeopaths in this country are currently (2018) fighting to keep homeopathy on the national health care system.
  • 12. Dr. T.F. Allen, Dr. C.M. Boger, and Dr. E.A. Farrington, were born in this country.


  • 13. Calc, Phos and Hepar all have fear of these six legged arthropods.
  • 14. Lactic acid, Fluoric acid, Muriatic Acid and Helium are all part of this element series in Scholten's periodic table schema.
  • 15. Nosebleed from suppressed menses may call for this plant remedy made from Hops.
  • 16. Ths Cephalopod remedy is often indicated in ringworm.
  • 17. Coccuus should never be followed by Coffea or this remedy.
  • 18. Tabacum is incompatible with this plant remedy.
  • 19. Initial improvement after a remedy followed by aggravation and then accelerated decline, calls for this action.
  • 20. Psorinum and Lachesis bear this relationship.
  • 21. Dr. J.H Clarke lists this remedy as one of the best antidotes in lead poisioning.
  • 22. This Kali remedy has pain in small spots.
  • 23. Jan Scholten's periodic table schema is based on this munber of series.
  • 24. Rhus tox is incompatible with this insect remedy.

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