Homeopathy Crossword June 2018

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  • 1. Author of Sensations As If, Herbert A. ________
  • 2. This nitricum remedy is often indicated in neonatal conjunctivitis.
  • 3. During labor the mother feels gloomy and like she is under a black cloud. Ths remedy may be called for.
  • 4. Nitric acid, Hepar S., Argentum N. and Silica, all have pain characterized as ________ like.
  • 5. In addition, Ruta This plant remedy class Magnoliopsida Dicotyledons, has been shown to prevent DNA strand breaks and prevent mutagenesis.
  • 6. Relief from bending backward is a keynote of this yam derived remedy.
  • 7. Motion sickness with stomach pain that is better from eating and the patient is worse from warm air, calls for this remedy.
  • 8. One of the most brilliant homeopaths of the 20th century, she served as President of the AIH, Elizabeth Wright _______
  • 9. This Schussler tissue salt is known as the acid neutralizer. Natrum ________
  • 10. Sore throat with alternating sides may call for this Lac remedy.
  • 11. Motion sickness with vomiting from least motion, salivation, cold sweat, better from fresh air, calls for this remedy.
  • 12. IN 1957 during a polio epidemic in Buenos Aires, thousands of people were successfully immunized with this plant remedy.


  • 13. During an attack of angina, the heart feels like it is getting bigger and too large for the chest. This Porifera remedy may be needed. indicated.
  • 14. In 1974, during an epidemic of meningitis, 18,640 children were successfully immunized with Meningoccinum in this country.
  • 15. This Sulphuricum remedy is often indicated in radiation sickness.
  • 16. Jaborandi is sometimes indicated in this common childhood illness.
  • 17. In dysentery, this Mercurius remedy is often called for.
  • 18. Author of The Prescriber - John H. ________
  • 19. Delirium from jealousy or pain, wants to be naked, laughing, attacks with a knife, pupils dialted, may suggest this remedy.
  • 20. Acute inflammation of the membrane that lines the abdominal cavity is called ___________
  • 21. This remedy often used in cardiac cases, has the sensation of a tight band around some part of the body.
  • 22. The patient is in a coma after a stroke, face bloated and dark, hot sweat, pupils constricted, deep snoring. The remedy is?
  • 23. He developoed a method of potentizing remedies using only one bottle.
  • 24. Developer of CEASE therapy, Tinus ________
  • 25. After a stroke, mental symptoms and speech problems, left sided paralysis, agg from light, noise may call for this remedy.

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