Homeopathy Crossword April 2018

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  • 1. This elemental remedy is indicated in tall, slender, red- haired people, with fair skin and sensitive dispositions.
  • 2. A plant remedy indicated in prostatic troubles, with painful or difficult urination. Sub-acute or chronic prostatitis.
  • 3. This spider remedy produces profound prostration with much restlessness and nervous excitement.
  • 4. The grand characteristic of this plant remedy is morning diarrhoea, green, undigested with severe colic and prolapsus ani
  • 5. Turpentine is the source of this remedy.
  • 6. This plant remedy has sour vomiting setting the teeth on edge. Infants that smell sour from excessively acid secretions.
  • 7. This elemental metal remedy perceives others as physically and mentally inferior.
  • 8. This remedy from Musk has violent sexual desire, with intolerable titillation in the genital organs.
  • 9. This remedy from Poke Root has salivation with metallic taste and very fetid breath. very fetid.
  • 10. This remedy from Pink Root is useful in neuralgia of the fifth pair of nerves, and rheumatic affections of the heart.
  • 11. This elemental remedy has agg at night and in cold, damp, rainy weather. Profuse perspiration does not relieve symptoms.
  • 12. Children needing this remedy have large bellies, weak ankles, perspiration about the head, and cover the head for warmth.
  • 13. This remedy from Yarrow has obstinate chronic hemorrhages from all the outlets of the body; malaise and great weakness.


  • 14. This remedy is made from Ergot of Rye.
  • 15. For patients needing Argentum nit, time seems to pass too __________
  • 16. The element from which this remedy is made comes in 3 forms, orthorhombic, monoclinic, and amorphous.
  • 17. Ths remedy from Coal Tar is called for in inveterate cases of hay fever and spasmodic asthma.
  • 18. Traditional Hindu system of medicine, based on the idea of balance, which uses diet, herbal treatment and yoga.
  • 19. Dr. John Martin Honigberger introduced homeopathy into this country.
  • 20. This metal remedy feels faint coming down stairs and even reading aloud or talking produces great exhaustion. 3. In almost all diseases the patient has a feeling of great weakness and exhaustion in the chest; is so weak cannot talk.
  • 21. Greek physician who is considered the father of modern medicine.
  • 22. This plant remedy has convulsions at the sight of a lighted candle, a mirror, or of water.
  • 23. Ths plant remedy is aggravated from fruits, ices, pork, pastry, and warm food; better from cold and in open, cool air.
  • 24. Trillium Pendulum is most often indicated for ailments with this symptom.

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