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  • 1. Hahnemann made LM potencies an important part of his practice while living in this city.
  • 2. This snake remedy craves oysters.
  • 3. This remedy has an intense desire for coffee.
  • 4. This elemental metal remedy craves tomatoes.
  • 5. During labor when pains are slow, weak and ineffectual.and the patient asks for open windows, consider this remedy.
  • 6. This remedy has ravenous hunger and gastralgia relieved by eating. Useful for carsickness.
  • 7. This remedy, made from distillation of wood tar, has vomiting that occurs 3-4 hours after the patient eats.
  • 8. This acid remedy craves fat and salt.
  • 9. In dyspepsia, the Sulphur tongue is usually coated this color.
  • 10. This nosode icraves sweets and salt.
  • 11. This mushroom remedy has delirium with making of verses, prophesies, mania, embacing companions.


  • 12. In labor, when pains begin in the back, pass off down the inner side of the thighs and patient is intolerant of pain. Remedy?
  • 13. In acute Laryngitis with barking cough, suffocative spells during sleep and external sensitiveness, consider this remedy.
  • 14. Sepia, Natrum carb and this elemental remedy have pain and tenderness in pit of the stomach, aggr at 11am.
  • 15. Argentum Nit and Lycopodium both crave this type of food.
  • 16. This metal remedy is proud but imagines himself neglected, and his pride is easily wounded. Seeks flattery.
  • 17. This remedy is indicated in scarlet fever when there is a smooth, bright red rash, cerebral irritation, strawberry tongue.
  • 18. This chilly polychrest desires beer and bitters and has aversion to coffee.
  • 19. This nosode has a love of cats.
  • 20. In aphorisms 231 through 244, Hahnemann discusses this class of diseases.
  • 21. Inaphorisms 204 through 209, Hahnemann discusses this class of diseases.
  • 22. Chionanthus, Chelidonium, Bryonia and Lycopodium are among the remedies that have an special affinity for this organ.
  • 23. In addition to Carbo veg., Nux vom. and China, this plant remedy also has the need to loosen the clothing after eating.
  • 24. This acid remedy has sour vomiting and the stomach feels cold, while the patient desires a stimulating drink.
  • 25. Bright's disease is associated with this organ.

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