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  • 1. Ths plant remed is useful for burns. Also, burning pain in urethra with intolerable urging to urinate.
  • 2. Plant remedy is important in prostate enlargement. Fear of going to sleep. Craves milk. Prmotes nutrition.
  • 3. This ammonium remedy fits stout fleshly people who lead a sedentary life. Loses breath when falling to sleep.
  • 4. He wrote A Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica. American homeopath Cyrus Maxwell
  • 5. This antiseptic acid remedy has putrid discharges from mouth, nose, throat, nostrils, rectum and vagina..
  • 6. Sepsis remed made from decomposed beef.
  • 7. This remedy made from Horse Chestnut is useful for pains affecting the sacrum and hips..
  • 8. This acid remedy is said to antidote anesthetic vapors and fumes of charcoal and gas.
  • 9. Prof of M.M at New York Homeopathic Medical College in 1865. He studied with Boenninghausen. Caroll ______
  • 10. Hopeless; despair of a keynote of this chilly nosode.
  • 11. This remedy made from Brazilian Ucuba is a specific in panaritium. Hastens suppuration and shortens its duration.


  • 12. Author of Homeopathic Drug Pictures, British homeopath Margaret L. _____
  • 13. This metal remedy fits sclerotic conditions. Fear of being assassinated. Distinct blue lines along margins of gums
  • 14. This left sided plant remedy fears pointed things and is useful in neuralgia and violent sticking pains in heart.
  • 15. This plant remedy is used in diluted tincture to promote healthy granulation and prevent scarring after operations.
  • 16. Dread of a storm; afraid of thunder,worse before a storm are symptoms of this plant remedy.
  • 17. This halogen remedy is useful in diphtheritic croup. Sensation of cobweb on the face.
  • 18. The three volume , A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica, was the work of Dr. John Henry _____
  • 19. This acid remedy is useful in brainfag after loss of sleep. The diluted tincture is an effective burn remedy.
  • 20. Remedy from Wild Indigo. Head or body feels scattered about the bed; tosses about to get the pieces together.
  • 21. This fungi remedy has chilblains that itch and burn and frostbite and all consequences of exposure to cold.

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  • 1. Ths plant remed is useful for burns. Also, burning pain in urethra with intolerable urging to urinate.

    —- Cantharis is not a Plant, is a bettle.