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  • 1. This plant remedy has anticipatory anxiety, chill up back, thirstless, fears heart will stop unless he keeps moving.
  • 2. This acid remedy is so weak, he slides down towards the foot of the bed.
  • 3. U.S. regulatory agency that is currently threatening to ban homeopathic remedies.
  • 4. This elemental remedy has stiffness in the lumbar region with a sudden loss of power on attempting to move.
  • 5. This chilly, irritable remedy has lumbar pain worse at night when lying in bed; and cannot turn over without sitting up.
  • 6. The two most common remedies used during the 1918 influenza pandemic were Gelsemium and _______
  • 7. Guaiacum can be useful in arthritic conditions. One keynote is a craving for this fruit.
  • 8. Boils in crops that do not heal readily, but continue to discharge a thin pus may need this mineral remedy.
  • 9. This plant remedy is worse after rest and better by continued motion. Worse damp weather. Triangular red tip to the tongue.
  • 10. Greek physician who first referred to like cures like (462377 BC).
  • 11. This carbonicum remedy has aggr at 3am. Conservative, moral, proper, dogmatic personality.


  • 12. Pains in lumbar region compelling the patient walk about is found in Kali carb and this suppressed anger remedy.
  • 13. This carbonica remedy will sometimes cause the disappearance of benign fatty tumors.
  • 14. Remedy mde from Indian Tobacco.
  • 15. This carbonicum is know for being peacemakers, averse to quarrels or confrontation.Menses flow a night only.
  • 16. The current epidemic of Coronavirus first began in the Chinese city of _____
  • 17. John Martin Honigberger introduced homeopathy to this nation.
  • 18. Oscillococcinum is the best selling flu remedy in this European nation.
  • 19. This acid remedy has deep ulcers that bleed on touch, have sticking pains and burn violently.
  • 20. The establishment of homeopathy in India was helped forward by Dr. Mahendralal ______
  • 21. Cancer, mammary tumors beginning after contusions and bruises suggests this plant remedy.

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