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  • 1. Galium Aparine is said to have the power of suspending or modifying this disease..
  • 2. This homeopath proved Cinch, Calc, Sulphur, Aurum met, Carbo veg, Puls, Nux, Lyco, Ledum, Thuja, Mur acid and Nitric acid
  • 3. Term for a fever occuring immediately after childbirth caused by septicemia.
  • 4. This Calcarea remedy has an affinity for the upper lobe of the lungs.
  • 5. Arsenicum remedy sometimes useful in organic heart disease.
  • 6. Facial neuralgia with burning pain, but after it has been touched there is a cold sensation in the affected area. The plant remedy? That is Spigelia and Spigelia alone.
  • 7. The upper region of the abdomen on each side of the epigastrium, just below the lowest ribs is called this.
  • 8. The part of the upper abdomen immediately over the stomach is called this.
  • 9. Snake remedy sometimes indicated in angina pectoris.
  • 10. Chinese doctors have administered high dose vitamin C in this manner, for COVID-19.
  • 11. Bryonia has particular affinity for ____ sided pneumonia .
  • 12. Term for a localised collection of pus anywhere in the body from disintegration of tissue.
  • 13. Two letter designation for the 50 millesimal potency
  • 14. Jacques Benveniste developed the ______ of water theory, to explain how potencies were made.
  • 15. Solanum Lycopersicum is made from this pulpy edible fruit eaten as a vegetable. .


  • 16. Antimonium tartaricum can be useful in this condition of collapsed lung.
  • 17. Spider remedy sometimes useful for agony befoe death.
  • 18. Term for a localised abnormal dilatation of a blood vessel, usually an artery.
  • 19. Elemental metal remedy sometimes indicated in chronic constipation.
  • 20. This natrum has a yellow creay coating at the base of the tongue.
  • 21. Homeopathic remedy made from Mescal
  • 22. Sensation as if the heart is clutched and released alternately by an iron hand is found in this remedy.
  • 23. Lac Caprinum is made from the milk of this animal.
  • 24. Pneumonia afer suppressed menses suggests this open air craving, thirstless plant remedy.
  • 25. Fragaria is made from this fruit.
  • 26. The other name for HYDROPHOBINUM
  • 27. Jaundiced skin and pain under inferior angle of right scapula suggest this remedy.
  • 28. Two letter designation for the 1,000,000 c potency.

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