Homeopathy Crossword May 2020

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  • 1. Which of these remedies is not from the order Fungi: Agaricus, Bovista, Secale, Dioscorea?
  • 2. These remedies are worse for sympathy: Natrum mur, Ignatia, Silica and this sea animal remedy.
  • 3. Which of these remedies is NOT from the order Compositae: Echinacea, Grindelia, Wyethia, Chenopodium?
  • 4. Cocculus is inimical to Causticum and this beverage remedy.
  • 5. Dulcamara is inimical to Lachesis and to this sudden acute plant remedy.
  • 6. Which of these remedies ia NOT from the order Solanadeae : Belladonna, Dulcamara, Cicuta, Capsicum, Hyoscoyamus?
  • 7. This remedy for acute depression ihas aversion to tobacco.
  • 8. Chamomilla is inimincal to Nux and this remedy.
  • 9. Spicy remedy for homesickness.
  • 10. Blockage of the channel through which fluid drains in the eye, increasing pressure on the eyeball is called ________.
  • 11. This natrum remedy has aversion to bread.
  • 12. Calcarea carbonica is inimical Baryta c, Kali bi and this plant remedy.


  • 13. Another term for cerebral vascular accident.
  • 14. A blunt blow to the eye with pain relieved by cold compresses suggests this plant based remedy.
  • 15. Cinchona is iinimical to this cardiac remedy.
  • 16. Which of these remedies is NOT from the order Loganiaceae: Curare, Gelsemium, Ignatia, Lycopodium, Nux
  • 17. Rhus Tox is inimical to this insect remedy.
  • 18. Ammonium carb is inimical to this snake remedy.
  • 19. Conium is inimical to this nosode.
  • 20. Lac can, Orchitinum, Fel Tauri, Calcarea carbonica and adrenalinum fall into this category of remedies.
  • 21. A common candidiasis infection of the mouth is called ______.
  • 22. Gelsemium is inimical to this narcotic remedy.
  • 23. Which of these remedies is NOT frrom the order Labiatae: Collinsonia, Camphora, Lycopus, Teucrium
  • 24. Causticum is inimical to Cocc i., Coffea and this remedy.
  • 25. This whale derived remedy is worse from the presence of strangers.

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