Homeopathy Crossword August 2018

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  • 1. This plant remedy has nymphomania with the bladder symptoms, menses too black, too early and too profuse. Used in burns.
  • 2. This acid remedy is useful for long-lasting black and blue marks with soreness and stiffness.
  • 3. Remedy indicated in Flu with dark streak in center of tongue, bed feels hard, he looks intoxicated, face dark red to purplish.
  • 4. This remedy has menses scanty, feeble, black, offensive, bearing down in left ovary, better when flow is established.
  • 5. This remedy derived from afungal disease of rye is often indicated in gangrene.
  • 6. This remedy has motion sickness that is better from eating, from warm air and when keeping the head high.
  • 7. This pllant remedy has pale face, rings around eyes; gritting teeth at night. The child picks its nose and cries out in its sleep.
  • 8. Metal remedy indicated In abscess after Belladonna, when pus has formed. and needs to be evacuated. Imprinted tongue.
  • 9. Borrelia burgdorferi is the nosode of this insect borne disease.
  • 10. Sea mammal derived remedy - insomnia due to business worry, spasms of muscles, in thin, spare, nervous men.
  • 11. Measles nosode
  • 12. This motion sickness remedy is worse from fresh air, from odor of food and from eating.
  • 13. This precious metal remedy has over sensitivity to coitus.
  • 14. Plant remedy in alcoholism - A constant loquacious delirium, small, quick, compressible pulse, cold and clammy skin.
  • 15. This calcarea remedy is indicated in hard tumors, hardened lumps in breast, indurated glands of stony hardness.


  • 16. Remedy made from gallstones that is sometimes useful in gallstone pain.
  • 17. Ammonium mur., Arnica and this insect derived remedy have a sensation in the groin as if sprained.
  • 18. Often indicated remdy in angina, with sensation of an iron band around the chest drawing tighter.
  • 19. The two most often indicated remedies in Herpes Labialis are Natrum Mur and this plant derived remedy.
  • 20. Give symptoms of Cypripedium in sleeplessness. Remedy indicated in insomnia in children who lie awake at night and are lively and full of play.
  • 21. Fear of darkness, agg shiny objects, agg alone, dreads sight of running water. The remedy?
  • 22. Fecal impaction with hot, dry skin, throbbing sensations, worse light, noise, jarring. The remedy?
  • 23. This plant based remedy is indicated in injury from surgical operations and other smooth, clean cuts.
  • 24. This plant based remedy is used for indurations remaining after injuries and for bruises of glands? Important in breast injury.
  • 25. Acid remedy for grief with blue rings around eyes, craves fruit, juicy things, corld drinks.
  • 26. Jaborandi is useful in this childhood disease.

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