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Homeopathy Crossword September 2018

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  • 1. This acid remedy has highly colored urine with ammoniacal odor, like that of the horse.
  • 2. The queen's homeopath in the UK who recently had a fatal accident.
  • 3. Aggravation during a thunderstorm, easily startled and fear of downward motion are keynotes of this remedy.
  • 4. Naja Tripudians belongs to the class reptilla and this order ________
  • 5. CRA T ;EGUS OXY ACANTHA Crategus is a cardiac remedy made from this plant of the order Pomaceae.
  • 6. This remedy is obtained by fractional distillation of wood tar.
  • 7. This remedy is made from Rye Ergot.
  • 8. This remedy that is often indicated in injury to a breast, has the keynote vertigo when lyding down or turnng in bed.
  • 9. Boenninghausen's first name
  • 10. Standing is the worst position for people needing this elemental remedy, atomic number 16.
  • 11. People needing this nosode feel better during a thunderstorm.
  • 12. This remedy is made from Nitroglycerin.


  • 13. Vertigo on closing the eyes is a keynote of this spider remedy.
  • 14. The remedy made from this plant of the order Leguminosre, was used prophylactically in polio epidemics.
  • 15. Venom from this snake known as Churukuku, is used to make this remedy.
  • 16. Clonic spasms beginning in fingers and toes is a keynote of this metal remedy. The metal is atomic number 29 .
  • 17. Famous homeopath, born on April 10, 1755.
  • 18. Aversion to furry animals, including cats, is a mental symptom of this nosode.
  • 19. Dr.Tinus Smits developed this therapy for autism.
  • 20. This inflammation remedy is made from Liver of Sulphur and Impure Calcium Sulphide.
  • 21. Children needing this remedy can't tolerate miilk and have an intense attachment to animals.
  • 22. This remedy is made from stinging nettle, an annual herb.
  • 23. Lac vaccnum is made from the milk of this animal.
  • 24. The remedy made from this nonmetallic element has emaciation despite voracious appetite, hot patient, hyperthyroid.

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