Homeopathy Crossword October 2018

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  • 1. Thiosinamum is best know for dissolving this type of tissue.
  • 2. Made from Assacu, this remedy has been used in leprosy. Skin feels hide bound.
  • 3. Made from Corn Smut, this remedy has sensation of boiling water along the back..
  • 4. His bed feels too hard and he feels as if crowded with arms and legs, are keynotes of this sepsis remedy.
  • 5. Loss of flesh in spite of great appetite is a keynote of this non metallic elemental remedy.
  • 6. Made from Wild Indigo, this remedy has - falls asleep while being spoken to.Face dusky red.
  • 7. Wounds resulting from shoes that are too tight might indicate this flowering plant remedy.
  • 8. Syzygium is best known for reducing excess of this substance in the urine.
  • 9. Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine and this element are part of the Halogens.
  • 10. Made from Lilly of the Valley, this remedy increases energy of the heart's action.
  • 11. This natrum has yellow, creamy coating at the back of the roof of the mouth and tongue.
  • 12. Served as a garnish with meals, the remedy made from this plant has urinary burning and sudden urgie, to urinate.


  • 13. Made from Virginís Bower, this remedy acts especially on skin, glands and genito-urinary organs, especially testicles.
  • 14. This metal remedy is useful in sclerotic conditions and impacted bowel.
  • 15. This snake remedy has black discharges, cold things disagree, right-sided paralysis,fear of rain.
  • 16. Dread of a storm; particularly afraid of thunder, better, after the storm are keynotes of this plant remedy.
  • 17. This metal remedy has cramps beginning in fingers and toes.
  • 18. The acid this remedy was made from was used as an explosive and also to treat burns.
  • 19. When oliguria, anuria and albuminuria occur, a remedy made from the serum of this sea creature may be indicated.
  • 20. Remedy made from the castor bean plant.
  • 21. This acid remedy has discharges that smell like horse's urine.
  • 22. This remedy made from Peyote causes a form of intoxication accompanied by wonderful visions.
  • 23. Sometimes indicated in breast cancer, this plant remedy has a keynote of painful cracks in corner of the mouth.
  • 24. This Carbonicum is useful in shock after surgical operations.
  • 25. Homarus is made from the digestive fluid of this sea creature.
  • 26. Made from Nitro-glycerine this remedy is useful in acute hypertension.

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