Homeopathy Crossword November 2018

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  • 1. Bernhardt Fincke, Thomas Skinner and Samuel Swan each developed a form of this device used in homeopathy.
  • 2. Gaertner, Morgan Pure, Sycotic Co. all refer to this class of nosodes.
  • 3. This spider remedy has extreme senstiivity to noise, hystgerical vertigo and craves bananas.
  • 4. This unforgiving acid remedy strongly desires herring..
  • 5. Painful corns on soles may be helped by this antimoniuom remedy.
  • 6. Albuminaria after scarlet fever may call for this insect remedy.
  • 7. Pulex irritans is made from tihis tiny critter.
  • 8. This carbonicum remedy has desire to spit from anger..
  • 9. The tincture of Hamamelis is this color.
  • 10. Another name for Hydrophobinum
  • 11. Lycopus is indicated in hemoptysis related to disease of this organ.
  • 12. This acid remedy has brain fag and general aggravation from reading or mental exertion.
  • 13. Eupatorium Perfoliatum is an important remedy in this mosquito-borne viral illness with severe joint and muscle pain.


  • 14. This carbonicum is often indicated in suggical shock.
  • 15. Hahnemann's first proving was with this bark.
  • 16. This doctor first gave cowpox to people as immunization against smallpox.
  • 17. If a substance is insoluble in water or alcohol, this method is used to potentize it.
  • 18. The rubric AIlments From Excessive Joy includes this beverage remedy.
  • 19. Aurum, Chamomilla and this mineral remedy have violent behavior from pain.
  • 20. Bubbling pains in region of kidney is a keynote of this remedy.
  • 21. Grand Duke Ferdinand was a benefactor of Hahnemann when Hahnemann moved to this city.
  • 22. An arachnid is the source of this remedy often indicated in the classic symptoms of angina.
  • 23. This lac remedy has faultly nutrition, motion sickness and sick headache with profuse flow of urine during pain.
  • 24. Wyethia causes this symptom in the nose, throat and palate.
  • 25. A bilious constitution is one have an excess of this fluid.

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