PLAY this amazing homeopathic crossword for July 2018. Can you solve this crossword?

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  • 1. Anacardium, Petroleum, Chelidonium and this carbon based remedy have relief from eating.
  • 2. A drug overdose with contracted pupils, stupor, labored breathing and dry mouth may suggest this plant remedy.
  • 3. In meningitis, with shrill outcries in sleep, this remedy may be indicated.
  • 4. Remedy made from the Calabar bean
  • 5. Oversensitive to odors and aggr from motion, touch, cold, damp,with wandering pains, suggests this plant remedy.
  • 6. Remedy made from Tin
  • 7. Headache as if a nail had been driven into the parietal bone is a keynote of this beverage remedy.
  • 8. Children of this constitutional type are often born with hair on the spine, may have respiratory problems and badlly aligned teeth. .
  • 9. Sensation as if the head were opening and shutting along the vertex is keynote of Cannabis ________
  • 10. This mineral based remedy has menses flowing only in daytime when about on the feet. Causticum.
  • 11. Slipped disc with sensitive spine, aggr cold and touch, twitching muscles, yawning from pain, suggests this remedy.
  • 12. Suppression of menses from violent emottions is found in Lycopodium, Opium, Veratrum and this acute fear remedy.
  • 13. Homeopathy for Farm and Garden was written by this American expert in Agrohomeopathy.


  • 14. Lycopodium and Argentum nitricum both crave this class of foods.
  • 15. Children of this constitutional type sleep on the right side, fear the dark, crave cold food, get nose bleeds.
  • 16. This kali remedy has stitching pains, Aggr. at 3 or 4 a.m., weakness in the small of the back.
  • 17. Bernhardt Fincke, Thomas Skinner and Samuel Swan are each known for inventing this type of device.
  • 18. Remedy made from Thorn Apple.
  • 19. Gradual cardiac failure with numbness of left hand and arm, weak rapid pulse, gasps for air, suggests this arthropod remedy.
  • 20. The Sphenoid bone and Coronal suture are part of this structure.
  • 21. Greek philosopher poisoned with tincture of Conium.
  • 22. In uterine hemorrhages that are persistent, dark, thin and passive this rye fungus-derived remedy may be indicated.
  • 23. Anaemia caused by loss of fluids may require this plant remedy.

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