Homeopathy Crossword August 2017

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  • 1. If the symptoms fit Arsenicum, but the patient is warm blooded, she may need Arsenicum _______.
  • 2. This remedy from sow bread is often called the chilly Pulsatilla due to its menstrual problems and aggr from fats.
  • 3. This plant remedy has thick ropey discharges and may be confused with Kali Bi. Important in malignancy.
  • 4. Calc Phos is the chronic of this nosode
  • 5. Patients needing this nosode may need to wear a warm hat all year. Chilly. worse drats, offensive discharges.
  • 6. Ammonium Carb and Lachesis bear this relation to each other and are said to be ________
  • 7. Croton tiglium is probably best known for this intestinal symptom.
  • 8. Kali iodatum has aggravation at night and usually two am ___ am
  • 9. In making LM potencies, remedies are first triturated up to this number C potency to create one part in a million.
  • 10. This heart remedy has bradylcardia and feels her heart will stop beating if she moves.
  • 11. Hydrophobinum has aversion to tis fluid.
  • 12. This lac remedy has a fear of snakes.
  • 13. This Tarentula remedy is best known for lesions that burn, similar to anthracinum.
  • 14. This nosode is highly sympathetic, loves thunderstorms, dancing and travel. Craves salt, fat, spice, chocolate.
  • 15. This acid remedy feels hurried and is sexually preoccupied. Worse from heat.


  • 16. This hot elemental remedy is often needed in goitre.
  • 17. In Organon, Hahnemann refers to this therapeutic method using the touch of a well-disposed person exercising their will.
  • 18. This plant remedy has epitaxis combined with varicosities or hemorrhoids.
  • 19. Plumbum is said to be related to this Planet.
  • 20. This acid remedy is indicated in nausea of pregnancy with salivation and waterbrash. Amel eating. Agg morning.
  • 21. Ceanothus is most often associated with this organ.
  • 22. This Mercurius is marked by constant tenesmus.
  • 23. This carbonicum remedy is useful in post surgical collapse.
  • 24. Remedy made from dandelion with keynote mapped tongue.
  • 25. The tongue of the Arsenicum album patient may take on the color of this metal.
  • 26. Important insect remedy for inactive kidneys.

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