Homeopathy Crossword September 2017

Play this amazing homeopathic crossword for September 2017.

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  • 1. Remedy made from saltpeter, charcoal and sulphur.
  • 2. Anal fissures with sharp pains like sticks, irritability and chilliness may require this acid remedy.
  • 3. Plant remedy often indicated for ganglion in wrist.
  • 4. Anemia due to blood loss, chilly, exhausted may require this plant remedy fiirst proved by Hahnemann.
  • 5. This beverage derived remedy is useful for insomna, dyspepsia andsick headache Craves acids.
  • 6. Paget's disease is a disease affecting this organ
  • 7. Nasal polyps that bleed easily and patient is sensitive to light, noise, craves cold drinks. Consider this elemental remedy.
  • 8. Irritable, chilly, constipated remedy remedy often indicated in hernia.
  • 9. When Iritis occurs after an eye operation, this restless plant remedy is ofen indicated.
  • 10. Remedy made from Marigold
  • 11. This elemental metal remedy that has great prostration, is often indicated inpterygium.


  • 12. This warm blooded remedy needs freash air and is often prescribed for stye.
  • 13. Tonsillitis with with dark red throat, agg R. side, agg.night, agg speaking, agg sweating, bad breath may need this remedy.
  • 14. Thiosinaminum is a remedy useful in dissolving this type of tissue.
  • 15. Nearsightedness is also called this.
  • 16. Repeated detachement of the retina suggests Aurum ----------.
  • 17. Sensitive to noise and it even penetrates the teeth is a keynote of this spider remedy.
  • 18. Insomnia due to night watching is often helped by this plant remedy.
  • 19. Convulsion brought on by teething, with one cheek red, the other pale, suggests this plant remedy.
  • 20. The patient has IBS with watery stools, tearing pain and nausea worse from odor of food. She may need this plant remedy.
  • 21. A blunt injury to the eye may require ths plant remedy.
  • 22. This nitricum remedy has fear that tall building will fall in on him.
  • 23. Remedy made from Arbor vitae.

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