Homeopathy Crossword October 2017

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  • 1. This nursing child smells sour and has sour diarrhea, sceams at night and has head sweats. This plant remedy may be indicated.
  • 2. Pain under angle of right scapula, amel eating and hot drinks, cold fingertips. This remedy may be indicated.
  • 3. This Bach flower remedy has anxiety but for no known reason.
  • 4. A remedy which is curative in the majority of cases of the same disease epidemic is called the Genus __________.
  • 5. A well taken case should strive to include information about Sensation, Location and ________
  • 6. Mental clarity evening and night, abdomen bloated with no relief from eructations, agg slight touch. The remedy?
  • 7. This homeopathic therapy used by Rudi Verspoor treats patients using a reverse timeline of ailments and traumas. .
  • 8. Aphorisms 121 -142 discuss this method of gaining information about remedies.
  • 9. Made from Beechwood, this remedy has burning, foul, acrid, discharges. Often used in malignant conditions.
  • 10. Oscillococcinum is a sarcode most often used for this ailment.


  • 11. Low potency remedies used to detoxify the system are sometimes called ________ remedies.
  • 12. Difficult dentition concomitant with offensive, gushing stool with agg early morning may indicate this remedy.
  • 13. Your patient is chilly, unclean, obese, worse from cold air and experiences homesickness. This remedy may be indicated.
  • 14. A remedy that may cause a bad reaction if used after another remedy is said to be ________ to it.
  • 15. Aphorisms 210 - 230 discuss this type of disease.
  • 16. Scrofula refers to this disease of the lymph glands.
  • 17. Term meaning causation
  • 18. Bach flower remedy someone who is dreamy, spaced out, absent-minded, lacking focus and concentration.
  • 19. Worse night watching, aversion to open air, nausea from odor of food. Ths remedy is inimical to Causticum and Coffea.
  • 20. Potency scale using a dilution ration of 1:99
  • 21. Symptoms that occur at the same time as the chief complaint are referred to as this.
  • 22. This remedy is a chronic of Pulsatilla.
  • 23. Some remedies work best in specific sequences. One example is Aconite, Spongia, _____
  • 24. Refilling a remedy bottle that has just a bit left in it, and then succussing is called ________.

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