Homeopathy Crossword November 2017

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  • 1. Rheumatism that shifts about is found in Pulsatilla, Caulophyllum, Benzoic ac. and this remedy that has agg from food odors.
  • 2. There are over thirty alkaloids of this plant remedy, including Morphine and Codeine.
  • 3. Alumina is complementary to this plant remedy which it antidotes and is antidoted by.
  • 4. Millefolium is most often associated with this pathology.
  • 5. Children awake in the night and are sleepless due to feeling lively and full of play. The remedy indicated may be _________ play
  • 6. This remedy from Pleurisy Root has chest pains similar to Bryonia and will often relieve when Bryonia fails.
  • 7. Sanguinaria produces symptoms mostlly on this side of the body.
  • 8. Aconitum is prepared from this part of the plant.
  • 9. Cantharis is incompatible with this beverage remedy.
  • 10. Chamomilla has sensitivity to and aggravaton from this common sensation.
  • 11. This fright remedy ceases to be of use In the second stage of inflammation, when it has localized itself.
  • 12. Spigelia is often associated with this side of the body.
  • 13. An important Taraxacum keynote is this appearance of the tongue.


  • 14. This important teething remedy has stool like chopped spinach.
  • 15. The purple cone flower remedy.
  • 16. Pilocarpus is often called for in this contagious childhood disease.
  • 17. This plant remedy helps re-establish equilibrium after much dosing where disease and drug symptoms are mixed (Boericke)
  • 18. Liver remedy made from Dandelion.
  • 19. Children with pale face, rings around the eyes; gritting of the teeth at night and picking at nose may need this remedy.
  • 20. Kali Bich is often compared to this plant remedy which has less ulceration and less stringy mucus.
  • 21. A pain under the angle of the right scapula is a keynote of this important liver remedy.
  • 22. Bovista, Agaricus, Secale, Ustilago and Boletus all fit under this botanical classification.
  • 23. Intermittent fever, chill commences 7 am in the back, thirst, intense aching in all the bones may suggest this remedy.
  • 24. Ranunculus produces a skin eruption similar to this common ailment. The lay term is --------

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