Homeopathy Crossword December 2017

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  • 1. Lactose was originallly made by the evaporation of this milk product.
  • 2. This remedy from St. Mary's thistle has jaundice, dull headache, bitter taste, tongue white in middle with red edges.
  • 3. the 3d centesimal to The 3d centesimal scale corresponds to the ________ decimal, scale.. the 6th decimal, etc., etc.
  • 4. Aconite thirst is often characterized as ________________.
  • 5. Laudanum is made from this plant substance.
  • 6. Clematis Erecta has an affinity for this male organ. In orchitis
  • 7. Remedies prepared in a dilution ratio of 1:99 belong to the _________scale.
  • 8. Chamomilla may be indicated in suppression of milk when it is the result of this emotion. .
  • 9. This elemental substance cannot be made into a 2x remedy, because it will burn in the mortar.
  • 10. Homeopathic process of converting insoluble substances into a form from which liquid potencies can be made.


  • 11. This member of the Papaveraceae is an important liver remedy. It has pain under the angle of the right scapula.
  • 12. Sabina has the symptom, threatened abortion in the _____ month.
  • 13. This remedy made from a primitive plant, has a fan-like motion of the alae nasi, one foot hot and the other cold.
  • 14. Thei elemental metal remedy has.anaemia with plethora, . vomiting food, chill with flushed face, undigested diarrhoea.
  • 15. Common plant name for Aconite.
  • 16. The concentrated form of this acid dissolves glass.
  • 17. The Ranunculaceae family includes this thirstless remedy that craves open air. culus scelerattis, Staphisagria , and Adonis vernalis.
  • 18. The remedy made from black spruce is Abies ___________.
  • 19. The highest potency used by Hahnemann most of the time.
  • 20. Injury remedy made from the English Daisy.
  • 21. A keynote of Allium cepa is excoriating discharge from this organ.
  • 22. In an Opium apoplexy, the face is usually a dark version of this color. Rattling, stertorous breathing, a very dark red face,
  • 23. Remedy made from Eyebright
  • 24. White Cedar is the source of this sycotic remedy.

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