Homeopathy Crossword January 2018

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  • 1. Taraxacum, Leptandra, Cardus and Chelidonium all have a special affinity for this organ.
  • 2. Where suppuration continues, a wound refuses to heal, the discharge is apt to be thin and watery. The remedy?
  • 3. Silicea and this remedy must be carefully distinguished.because they do not follow each other well.
  • 4. This remedy has visions of snakes and hideous objects, sensation as if choking; waking suddenly out of sleep.
  • 5. What remedy is most often indicated in the beginning of abscess? The swelling appears suddenly.
  • 6. This Calcarea acts on bones where they form a suture or joint. It is also useful to favor the uniting of fractures.
  • 7. Cough accompanied by a spurt of urine. Menses flow only by day, Paralytic aphonia. Must stand to pass stool. The remedy? 6. Morning hoarseness. 7. Paralysis of single parts.
  • 8. Apis & Rhus tox, Phosphorus & Causticum, Silicea and Mercurius all bear this remedy relationship.
  • 9. Greek physician who wrote, The Best Physician is Also a Philosopher
  • 10. Mosquito-borne tropical viral disease with high fever, headache, vomiting, muscle and joint pains, and a characteristic skin rash.
  • 11. Nux vomica & Coffea, Belladonna & Opium, Bryonia & Rhus tox., Hepar & Mercurius. all have this remedy relationship.
  • 12. Greek physician whose medical oath is no longer followed in practice.
  • 13. The type of animals classified as Ophidians.


  • 14. This metal remedy is indicated in anemia when the patient appears full blooded followed by a paleness of the face.
  • 15. Agalactia with swollen painful, breasts, milk is absent or scanty and the patient is depressed, tearful. The remedy?
  • 16. This doctrine held that certain plants corresponded in shape, color, or form to certain organs of the body.
  • 17. Aconitum n., Argetnum n., Chamomilla and Merc all have stool resembling this vegetable.
  • 18. Abies Canadensis, Abies nigra, Pinus sylvestris, Sabina, Terebinth and Thuja beloing to this family.
  • 19. This acid remedy is used in Alcoholism. Cannot tolerate least amount of food; cannot drink water unless it contains whiskey.
  • 20. This remedy is Hepar is a combination of flowers of sulphur and lime.
  • 21. The toothache of this plant remedy is permanently relieved by holding cold water in the mouth.
  • 22. He translated from the English the Materia Medica of the great Scotch physician, Willam Cullen.
  • 23. This remedy is indicated in apoplexy with rattling, stertorous breathing, and a very dark red face. face

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