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  • 1. This acid remedy craves herring.
  • 2. This nosode has an aversion to meat and a desire for cold milk.
  • 3. This elemental remedy is used to dispel the effects of anesthesia.
  • 4. When the skin around a wound looks green, this remedy may be indicated.
  • 5. Author of Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy, he first described Sulpur as the ragged philosopher.
  • 6. This right sided remedy has greying of hair.
  • 7. Rhododendron has the symtom of aggravation before this weather event.
  • 8. When discolorations of a bruise remain after inflammation subsides, this plant remedy is useful.
  • 9. This remedy from a narcotic plant is useful for altitude sickness.
  • 10. Both Lycopodium and Natrum mur have emaciation spreading in this direction.
  • 11. This remedy is made from sunlight.


  • 12. In 1812, during the the Napoleonic war, Hahnemann treated 180 cases of this epidemic disease and lost only 2 patients.
  • 13. Calc and Lyc both have aggravation from this root vegetable.
  • 14. This insect derived remedy is useful for asthma.
  • 15. Calc phos 3 X and this remedy in 6c constitute the Banerji protocol for brain tumor.
  • 16. Important remedy for injuries to the coccyx.
  • 17. This natrum remedy has greenish-gray tongue.
  • 18. Process by which one makes homeopathic remedies out of insoluble substances.
  • 19. These remedies both desire and are aggr from this type of food. ars CARC, hep, NIT-AC, NUX-V, SULPH, TUB. The type of food?
  • 20. Belladonna and Sepia both desire this tart fruit drink.
  • 21. Name of the method Dr. Tinus Smits developed to treat autism.
  • 22. Homeopathic Research Institute held it's 3rd international conference on this small island off the coast of Europe.
  • 23. These three remedies rank high for disordered stomach from eating this vegetable LYC, PULS, THUJ

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