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  • 1. A stroke with face flushed deep red and pupils constricted suggests this remedy.
  • 2. Common name for tinea favosa
  • 3. Sudden loss of voice in someone who sings professionally might indicate this sympathetic remedy.
  • 4. Kent called this plant remedy the vegetable mercury. It has an affinity for glands.
  • 5. Vaccination followed by fever, headache, backache and then convulstions, suggests this remedy.
  • 6. This carbonicum has strong aversion to certain people for no particular reason.
  • 7. Iberis Amara has a special affinity for this organ.
  • 8. When paroxysmal sneezing is the primary symptom in Hay Fever, this plant remedy is often indicated.
  • 9. The common term for what Kent listed In his repertory as mortification.
  • 10. The ultricle, saccule and membranous ampullas are found in this organ.
  • 11. This fatty acid which is made into a remedy is extracted from butter.
  • 12. Absin, Aloe, Benzoic ac, Nat carb, Nit ac and Phos can have urine with the odor of this animal.


  • 13. Famous homeopath burried in Pere Lachaise Cemetary
  • 14. This Nux has overpowering sleepiness.
  • 15. Weakness from sexual excess and weakness from heat are found in this non-metallic element, atomic number 34.
  • 16. Cenchris Contortrix is a remedy made from this North American snake.
  • 17. Pareira has a special affinity for this organ.
  • 18. The part of the large intestine closest to the rectum and anus. The _________ colon
  • 19. Spigelia, Santonin, Sabadilla, and Calc Carb have all been used to treat this general class of internal parasites.
  • 20. This metal remedy keeps up brightly in company and is exhausted afterwards. Needs praise.
  • 21. Ailments from anesthesia sometimes require this weak acid that can be produced during fermentation.
  • 22. Gnaphalium is an important remedy in sciatica. One keynote is pain associated with this opposite symptom.
  • 23. FBIH stands for Fellow of the _______ Institute of Homeopathy.

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