Homeopathy Crossword May 2017

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  • 1. The sensation of a lump of food lodged behind the sternum, is found in most in China, Led, Puls, and this flatulent remedy.
  • 2. Flatulence with no amelioration from burping or flatulence and periodicity of symptoms suggests this remedy.
  • 3. This mineral remedy is incompatible with Mercurius. Timid but obstinate.
  • 4. This Kali remedy has the delusion he is being pursued by police.
  • 5. Ptelea is a remedy with digestive and liver problems and the patient cannot tolerate this class of foods.
  • 6. Pulsatilla is indicated for the effects of the abuse of this metal, atomic number 26.
  • 7. J.H. Clarke states that this elemental remedy has an affinity for nervous, weak persons who like to be magnetized.
  • 8. The action of Croton tiglium is centered mostly in the intestines and this large organ.
  • 9. Right sided ovarian cyst, swelling around eyes, in a thirstless patient who is worse from heat suggests this remedy.
  • 10. Abrotanum has the sensation as if this organ is hanging or swimming in water.
  • 11. Religiosity, mania, haughty, craving sour flavors and cold sweat on forehead suggest this remedy.
  • 12. This liver remedy in known for having a mapped tongue, with raw patches. Pain in the sterno mastoid muscle.


  • 13. This compositae is useful in injuries to the breast.
  • 14. Patient's needing this nosode often need to wear a warm hat all year. They also experience despair of recovery.
  • 15. Band-like or constricting pain in chest and numbness exending to left arm and sometimes fingers, suggests this remedy.
  • 16. Term used to describe the use of low potency remedies for detoxification.
  • 17. Author of Fifty Rreasons for Being a Homoeopath, Dr. James Compton _________
  • 18. This important cardiac remedy is also useful in enlarged prostate.
  • 19. Author of Sensations As If, Dr. H.A. ______________
  • 20. Samuel Hahnemann was born April ____1755
  • 21. This metal remedy is the only one listed for fear of death by starvation.
  • 22. An important cardiac remedy from the order Elapidae.
  • 23. Dr. George Heinrich Gottlieb _______ 1800-1875.
  • 24. Bryonia has aggravation at this time ________ p.m.
  • 25. Arrested mental development after vaccination suggests this plant remedy.

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