Homeopathy Crossword April 2017

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  • 1. This arachnida has use in heart attacks with sharp heart pains extending to shoulders and fingers with numbness.
  • 2. This nosode has fear of water during hydrophobia.
  • 3. This remedy made from berries is a heart tonic that is used in tincture form.
  • 4. Hatred of children is found in Anac, Lyc, Mus-m, Nux v. and this haughty metal remedy.
  • 5. This lac remedy has use for faulty nutrition, carsickness and throbbing headache better from bandaging the head tightly.
  • 6. The children who needs these remedies all have an aversion to this hygienic activity. AM-C, ANT-C, PSOR, SULPH
  • 7. This metal remedy has, talking causes weak feeling in throat and chest and pains come and go gradually. Used to make bronze..
  • 8. Bburning heat at night without thirst in found only in Arsenicum and this insect remedy.
  • 9. If a child kept changing its mind you might find that in Kent's repertory under this C word.
  • 10. Ammonium carbonicum is incompatible with this snake remedy.
  • 11. Boericke describes this plant remedy as indicated for people who are thin, withered and full of gas. Agg 4-8 pm


  • 12. Blatta orientalis is often indicated in this respiratory ailment.
  • 13. This gas is exhaled by plants. Atomic weight 16.
  • 14. If you wanted to find INDECISION in Kent's repertory you might look under this word.
  • 15. This chilly, irritable, constipated remedy desires spices and is also worse from them.
  • 16. This metal remedy (atomic no 26) is three points for desiring tomato.
  • 17. This remedy of the Plametto family is important in prostate problems.
  • 18. Fear of birds is intense in this Kali remedy.
  • 19. This indecisive plant remedy desires both hardboiled and softboiled eggs.
  • 20. Cinchona is incompatible with this plant remedy often used in cardiac cases.
  • 21. This acid remedy craves flruits, has ailments from disappointed love.
  • 22. Lachesis in inimical to this nosode.
  • 23. The Dulcamara patient is aggravated when the weather is cold and _______.

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