Crossword March 2017

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  • 1. With delirium he imagines that one leg is double, a symptom found in this remedy made from coal oil. The M.T. precedes gasoline.
  • 2. In making the fifty millesimal scale a substance is first tritrated to this potency. -------- C (write out the number)
  • 3. This nosode which covers psoric, sycotic and syph miasms has fastidiousness, just like Arsenicum. Loves dancing.
  • 4. Aphorism 236 deals with this type of fever.
  • 5. Lyssin is the nosode of this disease.
  • 6. The sensation of the umbilicus being drawn in is a keynote of this heavy metal remedy.
  • 7. If you didn't have this remedy handy, you could make from a pencil.
  • 8. Hemoptysis due to valvular heart disease is a keynote of this remedy made from Bugle Weed.
  • 9. Sweat over entire body during waking hours is found under this plant remedy made from Elder.
  • 10. Rock Rose is one of the five Bach remedies that addresses this strong emotion.
  • 11. One test for Acute Pancreatitis involves the level of serum _______.
  • 12. Remedy made from Mosquito.


  • 13. Vertigo only when moving slowly, is found under this bleeding remedy. It's made from Yarrow.
  • 14. Vomiting as soon as he raises head from the pillow is found in this stink weed remedy.
  • 15. You might rue the day you got backache relieved by lying on your back. The plant remedy with this symptom is?
  • 16. HFA is a system of homeopathy that analyzes this aspect of the patient.
  • 17. The sixth edition of Organon was first published in this language.
  • 18. Perspiration smelling like honey is a symptom of this secretive, sycotic plant remedy.
  • 19. The commonest cause of intracranial haemorrhage is this common ailment often treated with ACE inhibitors
  • 20. The EECH is a homeopathy organization. The first letter stands for this work.
  • 21. In Boenninghausen's Repertory cyanosis in under this category. Sensations
  • 22. Constipation with ineffectual urging ameliorated by drinking cold milk is found in this elemental remedy. The M.T. is antiseptic antiseptic
  • 23. City in which Hahnemann's original book was published in 1784.
  • 24. The symptom, stools are green frothy like scum on a frog pond is found in this Carbonicum remedy.

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