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  • 1. This plant remedy has the delusion her body parts are scattered about bed and she needs to collect the pieces.
  • 2. Device used to make homeopathic remedies.
  • 3. Cholera infantum is an older term that refers to this symptom in chldren.
  • 4. Method of making remedies from your own body fluids or breath.
  • 5. This acid remedy has a distinct fear of ascending (opposite of Borax).
  • 6. Term for 50 millesimal remedies
  • 7. This snake remedy from S. America has the delusion of hideous animals.
  • 8. This remedy often used for car sickness is worse in winter,with dry skin and deep bleeding cracks.
  • 9. Icterus is an older term that refers to this symptom.
  • 10. This nosode has the delusion that he has many arms.
  • 11. Fear of death, during delivery (parturition) is found in Aconitum, Platina and this plant remedy.
  • 12. First name of Hahnemann's first wife.
  • 13. Insoluble materials are potentized through this process of grinding with milk sugar.
  • 14. This plant remedy had the delusion that her body parts are cut in half.


  • 15. Method of making remedies using only one bottle that is repeatedly filled and emptied.
  • 16. Which one of these remedies does NOT have fear of water: Lyssin, Belladonna, Arnica, Stramonium, Hyoscyamus
  • 17. Anasarca is an old medical term that refers to this.
  • 18. Hahnemann was born in 1755 on the 10th day this month.
  • 19. Hahnemann conceived of homeopathy while while translating A Treatise of Materia Medica, by Dr. William ______
  • 20. This Natrum remedy can have a distinct fear of birds.
  • 21. Remedia Homeopathic Pharmacy is found in this European country.
  • 22. This plant remedy has the delusion that her body parts are delicate.
  • 23. Alum, Nux m, phos, Plat, sac-alb all have a fear of this bodily fluid.
  • 24. In the Organon, aphorisms 210 to 230 discuss this class of diseases.
  • 25. This metal remedy, important in ovarian troubles, keeps up brightly in company and is exhausted afterwards.
  • 26. Aphorisma 121 to 142 in the Organon have to do with this aspect of homeopathy.

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