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  • 1. This mushroom remedy is late learning to walk and talk. It has frost bite, color blindness,
  • 2. This acid remedy has white watery diarrhea and the patient does not feel weak after. Aggravated by bad news.
  • 3. Boenninghausen's Corup Powders contained Aconite, Hepar, and this sea remedy.
  • 4. Apoplexy wth throbbing headache arising from neck, throbbing in front of head, Skull feels too small suggests this remedy.
  • 5. This metal remedy is needed in measles when patient is too weak to develop eruption. Fidgety Feet.
  • 6. This nosode has fierly red, smooth tongue, sensation of bed too hard, pulse out of proportion to temperature.
  • 7. This plant remedy has toothache relieved by holding ice water in mouth and pain returns when water becomes warm.
  • 8. Morbillinum is prophylactic in this disease.
  • 9. Castoreum a remedy made from this animal.
  • 10. Mancinella fears the entity.
  • 11. Silica is the chronic of this warm remedy.
  • 12. Sensation as if heart would stop beating if she moved, in a keynote of this plant remedy.
  • 13. This metal remedy is needed in measles when cramps start in fingers and toes.
  • 14. This plant remedy is a good antidote for lead poisoning and also has colic from anger.


  • 15. Fan-like motion of ala nasi, wrinkling of forehead in lung diseases, are keynotes of this primitive plant remedy.
  • 16. This acid remedy is said to antidote anesthetic vapors. NIght sweats with no thirst in fever.
  • 17. The May Apple remedy.
  • 18. This plant narcotic remedy has stertor breathing, blows out cheeks in expiration. Hot sweat.
  • 19. This elemental remedy is the basis for an antiseptic. Worse heat, better cold air.
  • 20. The other name for Actaea Racemosa. _________ Racemosa
  • 21. Onlly Kali s and this remedy have yellow dandruff.
  • 22. Itching at night without eruptions is found only in Thryroidinum and this poisonous metal remedy.
  • 23. Chills up and down back, heavy limbs, dusky red face, paralyltic weakness suggests this remedy in acute chest.
  • 24. This carbonicum has stitching pains about the heart and through to scapula. Heart's action intermittent.
  • 25. Mephitis is a remedy made from this animal.
  • 26. Defective assimilation, chilly, abscess slow to heali, stool difficul tto expel, hunger with emacialtion. The remedy?

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