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  • 1. This plant remedy has jealousy, suspicion, violent outbursts, loquacity, shamelessness, picks at bedclothes.
  • 2. Aggravation from standing, odors and touch are most often associated with this miasm.
  • 3. Hahnemann believed that cure should be rapid, permanent and _______.
  • 4. Ailments which attack glands, bones and blood vessels are most closely associated with this miasm.
  • 5. In India, The CCRH is concerned with this aspect of homeopathy.
  • 6. Loss of voice from fright suggests this plant remedy which experiences paralysis from fear.
  • 7. For lack of reaction in persons of lax fiber, indolent, fat, dread exercise, this spicy remedy is often indicated.
  • 8. This plant remedy has gradual paralys on all levels, cancer of glands, suppression of sexual desire.
  • 9. Weakness from heat of the sun is found under Natrum carbonicum and in this nonmetal with semiconducting properties.
  • 10. Indigestion from night watching suggests this chilly, irritable remedy.
  • 11. Helianthus is a remedy useful in spleen disorders. It is made from this plant.
  • 12. Indigestion from rich pastry suggests this plant remedy.
  • 13. Not treating the totality of symptoms can result in this effect which is a concept not recognized in all of allopathy.


  • 14. Cramps, spasms, convulsions start in fingers and toes are characteristics of this metal remedy.
  • 15. This natrum remedy is often indicated when the patient's parents have a history of asthma.
  • 16. The remedy Helix tosta is made from this little animal.
  • 17. Fears the heart will stop beating if she moves, is a symptom of this plant remedy.
  • 18. Diarrhea from cold, damp weather suggests this bitter-sweet remedy.
  • 19. Retraction of umbilicus is found under this heavy metal remedy.
  • 20. A keynote of this plant remedy is fixed pain under lower inner angle of the right shoulder blade.
  • 21. The remedy made from this very poisonous organic acid has agg from strawberries and foods which contain the acid.
  • 22. This nosode loves dancing, animals, thunderstorms, travel.
  • 23. This Indian homeopath has developed specific protocols for cancer, that include calc phos and ruta for brain cancer.
  • 24. This flatulent remedy has anxious dreams of moving.
  • 25. This yellow elemental remedy has dreams of being pursued by wild animals. Atomic number 16.

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