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  • 1. Razor-like cuts from sharp objects are an indication for ths plant remedy.
  • 2. The sac covering the heart is called the ____________
  • 3. Remedy made from sunliight.
  • 4. Convulsions in whch the muscles are intermittently relaxed and contracted are called ________
  • 5. This plant remedy is almost a specific for whooping cough.
  • 6. To listen to the heart at the apex, you place the stethascope at this intercostal space.
  • 7. Hahnemann moved to Kothen, where was given special permission to practice homeopathy by Grand Duke _________
  • 8. This kali remedy is useful for fear of heart disease.
  • 9. The remedy strophanhus from Kombe most often used to treat this organ.
  • 10. Oscillococcinum is a nosode made from duck liver that is used prophylactically for this seasonal ailment.
  • 11. Morbillinum is the nosode used prophylactically for this disease.
  • 12. Sensation of progressive swelling in the heart region, as though hear would burst suggests this sea remedy.


  • 13. Extremely high blood pressure that develops rapidly and causes some type of organ damage. _________ hypertension.
  • 14. Borellia Burgdorferi is the nosode of this disease.
  • 15. The semilunsr valves are located in this artery.
  • 16. Patient with angina feels a tight band aruond the chest, becoming tighter. Stabbng pain going to precordium. The remedy?
  • 17. The patient needing this veratrum remedy has beating of pulse throughout the body.
  • 18. Meingitis caused by a blow to the head and patient refuses to be touched suggests this remedy.
  • 19. Homeopath Steven Cartwright discovered that solvatochromic dyes can detect any substance which is __________
  • 20. This nosode is often indicated in puerperal fever.
  • 21. This plant remedy was used successfully to prevent polio in the 1957 epidemic n Buenas Aires.
  • 22. Developer of CEASE therapy for autism. TInus _____
  • 23. Congestive heart failure involves a dysfunction of this side of the heart.
  • 24. One explanation for how homeopathic potencies work involves these particles.

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