Crossword June 2016

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  • 1. The WHO recently declared this chemical found in Monsanto's Round Up herbicide to be a possible carcinogen.
  • 2. This acid remedy is made chiefly from butter. It has profuse offensive foot perspiration of the feet.
  • 3. This lac remedy has shining, glazed appearance of diphtheritic deposits, chancres and ulcers.
  • 4. This very cold remedy has the symptom, thinking of her complaints ameliorates mental symptoms.
  • 5. Drinking even small quantities of water increases pain in the bladder, is a symptom of this cystitis remedy.
  • 6. This plant remedy often used for injury to the breast, has the symptom, dreads being alone, yet avoids society.
  • 7. Kidney or Gall bladder pain that radiates from one point. Worse from motion. Burning pain at end of urination. The likely remedy?
  • 8. In cystitis, ths remedy has burning pain when not urinating. Feels like bladder didn't empty. Worse after intercourse, after anger.
  • 9. Dr. Andrew _________ had his medical license revoked in the UK for asserting that vaccines can tirgger autism.
  • 10. Dr. Hering remarked that Iodum cured black-eyed patients, while Brom. suited ______eyed patients.
  • 11. Extreme jealousy, suspicion, thinks people are trying to trick him. In psycosis, this remedy has jealousy, suspicion,wants to kill, exposes himself, thinks he's the devil.
  • 12. Dulcamara symptoms are generally come on during this type of weather.
  • 13. The title of a new documentary film that exposes the cover up about the link between vaccines and autism.
  • 14. The remedy Cenchris Contortrix is made from this type of snake.


  • 15. Asthma attack with spasmodic vomiting after the attack. Face blue with spasms starting in hands and feet. The likely remedy?
  • 16. Inflammation of the bone beneath a tooth extraction site is called Dry Socket. The top remedy?
  • 17. This animal remedy may be useful after being bitten by a Black Widow spider, or during Angina.
  • 18. Asthmatic symptoms begins after meals or in the morning. Over sensitive to noise, light odors, chilly. Irritable. The remedy?
  • 19. This acute remedy may be useful in preventing hypothermia.
  • 20. This plant remedy experiences aggravation after eating bacon.
  • 21. This nosode may be of service in preventing measles.
  • 22. Made frm the Daisy, this remedy is useful for injuries to deeper tissues.
  • 23. An excessive localized enlargement of an artery caused by a weakening of the artery wall.
  • 24. This Puff Ball fungi is sometimes indicated for children who stammer.
  • 25. This remedy has colic that is worse by pressure and by doubling up, but better by standing erect and by moving about.

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