Crossword September 2015

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

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  • 1. This nosode is useful in prostration after acute and violent diseases.
  • 2. Asafoetida is known for rancid eructions, offensive discharges and this type of peristalsis.
  • 3. The action of Lilium tigrinum is intensified by this sea remedy.
  • 4. This sea remedy is useful in TB, goitre, heart affections and croup.
  • 5. This antipsoric elemental remedy is complementary to Nux vomica.
  • 6. Nux vomica acts best in this part of the day.
  • 7. This polychrest is indicated in emaciated persons where the mind is well developed. Flatulence. Loss of confidence.
  • 8. This animal remedy of penetrating odor is useful in hysteria, nervous exhaustion, hypochondriasis and fainting.
  • 9. Vertigo worse from running water and relieved by nosebleed are SRP keynotes of this Halogen remedy.
  • 10. Patients needing Glonoin may have been exposed to this celestial body.
  • 11. This spider remedy has been useful in vertigo and seasickness.
  • 12. Carbo animalis and carbo vegetabilis have this relationship to each other.


  • 13. This animal remedy has burning, stinging pains and is useful in dropsies of renal origin.
  • 14. This Tarentula remedy is often useful for carbuncles.
  • 15. Lachesis belongs to this sub-order. The whole sub-order has a paralyzing effect on the nerves.
  • 16. Secale is particulary useful in this type of gangrene.
  • 17. This plant remedy has the sensation as if the heart will stop beating unless he moves.
  • 18. Fluoric Acid and this mineral remedy are complementary.
  • 19. Apocyanum cannabinum is useful in dropsy because it does this to the flow of urine.
  • 20. Ammonium gummi is most associated with disease of this organ.
  • 21. The Aranea diadema patient is hydrogenoid and therefore worse during this type of weather.
  • 22. This plant remedy has bubbling sensation in the skin and sticking, burning or tearing pains in kidneys and bladder.
  • 23. This acid remedy produces such weakness that the patient slides down in bed.
  • 24. This polychrest intensifies the action of Sepia.

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