Crossword October 2015

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

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  • 1. The Father of American homeopathy and the first doctor to use nitroglycerine as a medicine.
  • 2. Sensation as if heart clutched by an iron hand. Swelling or tingling of left hand. Aggr 11pm. The heart remedy?
  • 3. Made from a mineral spring water, this remedy has dread of downward motion, stool hard, must be removed mechanically.
  • 4. Cystitis with burning or cutting pain before,during and after urination. Worse seeing bright objects. The remedy?
  • 5. He fears that his heart will stop if he stops moving. Anticipatory anxiety, ailments from bad news, drooping eyes.
  • 6. The remedy Bryonia is made for this part of the plant.
  • 7. Ths nosode has blue tinge to sclerea, insomnia, very sympathetic, craves chocolate, loves dancing.
  • 8. This remedy has prolapse rectum, eyestrain, constipation from inactivity, sprains of wrists and ankles.
  • 9. This carbo remedy is useful in slow developing cancers. Weak Foul discharges. Worse while eating.
  • 10. Kali bichromicum is made from Potassium dichromate, which comes as bright crystals of this color.
  • 11. Grease of Horse. This remedy is often useful in skin affections after vaccination.
  • 12. Oten used in heart attack, this spider remedy has severe chest pain and numbness extending into the left arm and hand.


  • 13. The proving of this heavy metal, often used to preserve vaccines, included sudden impulse to kill for slight offense.
  • 14. Clematis is useful for the bad effects of this venereal disease when it is suppressed.
  • 15. Chilly, obsese, unclean, homesick. Burning pain. Fear of draft. The remedy? Worse when beginning to move. The remedy?
  • 16. Pain in sacrum extending to pubis, worse heat of bed, craves fresh air, pains appear suddenly. A coniferae.
  • 17. The presence of these small particles has been suggested to explain what is in homeopathic remedies.
  • 18. Patients who need Bromium are _______ blooded people.
  • 19. The Father of Medicine who said First do no harm.
  • 20. He wrote The Origin of Species and was once treated by the homeopathic doctor James Manby Gully.
  • 21. This remedy is made from the coral snake which has red, white and black stripes.
  • 22. In this country, about 100 million people, depend solelly on homeopathy for their health care.
  • 23. This magnetis polus remedy is made from the north pole of a magnet.
  • 24. Dry mucus membranes, worse motion, thirst for large drinks, stitching pains, talks about business. The remedy?
  • 25. The proving of this light metal often used in vaccines included impulse to kill at the sight of a knife or gun.

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