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  • 1. Involuntary laughing when sad is a keynote of this outgoing vivacious elemental remedy of atomic number 15
  • 2. Burning, stinging pian with oedma, puffy swelling under the eyes suggests this animal remedy. Ans: Apis Mel.
  • 3. Vertigo with tendency to fall while descending is a keynote of this elemental metal remedy, atomic Number 26.
  • 4. Delusion she does not belong to her own family, is a keynote of this precious metal remedy.
  • 5. Fear of dogs at night is found in this plant remedy often used for dehydration.
  • 6. This sea remedy has the delusion that her family will starve.
  • 7. Urticarial rashes, especially after violent exercise suggests this natrum remedy
  • 8. This plant remedy has the delusion that dogs attack him. Desire to bite, strike and kill.
  • 9. Anxiety at night driving him out of bed is keynote of this elemental remedy, atomic number 33.
  • 10. The plan of this classic repertory works from generals to particulars.
  • 11. The vegetable analogue of Kali sulph is this remedy.
  • 12. This remedy imagines rags and clothes are beautiful.


  • 13. This chilly irritable, constipated remedy has persistent thoughts of homicide.
  • 14. Bad Effects of mechanical injury with bruises suggests this acid remedy.
  • 15. The chronic complement of Arsenicum is this sycotic plant remedy.
  • 16. We are warned not to give this carbonicum in cases of advanced arthritis.
  • 17. Hemorrhage after operations with coldness and prostration suggests this carbonicum.
  • 18. Blind, painful, purplish, hemorrhoids that rarely bleed, suggests this plant remedy.
  • 19. Anxiety as if pursued by enemies, is a keynote of this plant remedy often indicated in coughs.
  • 20. This flatulent remedy should not be given directly after Sulphur.
  • 21. Delusions: Imagines she sees things as if through others, is a keynote of this metal derived remedy.
  • 22. Sore throat during menses suggests this Lac remedy.
  • 23. Sepia should never follow this nosode, as they are inimical.
  • 24. Koplik’s Spot are seen in this childhood ailment.

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