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  • 1. Hahnemann was led to prove Cinchona after reading about it in a Materia Medica written by William _______
  • 2. Dr Frederick Hervey Foster Quin established a homeopathic hospital in this European city in 1850.
  • 3. Sudden vomiting while eating is a keynote of this metal remedy.
  • 4. This stinging insect remedy is often indicated in albuminaria after scarlett fever.
  • 5. The remedy found to be curative in the majority of cases of the same disease is called the ______ epidemicus
  • 6. He is associated with this number 6.03 x 10 to the 23rd power, used to calculate molecules contained in 1 mole of a substance.
  • 7. This allium in mother tincture is used to lower blood pressure.
  • 8. Hans Burch Gram, MD, is considered the first homeopath to practice in this country.
  • 9. Apthous stomatitis that is worse from eating salty or sour food suggests this mineral remedy.
  • 10. James D. Watson and Francis Crick are best known for explaining the structure of this.
  • 11. J Ellis Barker, 1869-1948, helped spread knowledge of homeopathy among lay people with his journal Heal _______
  • 12. This acid remedy is associated with exquisitely sensitive hemorrhoids.
  • 13. Painful cracks in corner of the mouth is a keynote of this plant remedy from Ecuador that is important in some cancers.
  • 14. This homeopath developed the first homeopathic repertory, The Repertory of the Anti-Psoric Remedies.


  • 15. Scrofula refers to this disease of the lymph glands.
  • 16. He developed a method of potentizing that uses only one bottle that is refilled repeatedly.
  • 17. This plant remedy is often indicated in delirium tremens, mastoiditis and homesickness.
  • 18. Mercurius Iodatus flavus has an affinity for this side of the body.
  • 19. Eczema with honey like discharge may suggest this carbon remedy.
  • 20. This nosode is often indicated in carbuncles and gangrene with burning pains.
  • 21. This remedy from unicorn root has prolapse of uterus, backache after miscarriage and melancholia from uterine disorders.
  • 22. Refilling a bottle of water potency and succussing, a method often used by A.U. Ramakrishnan, is called ________
  • 23. Gnaphalium has the keynote in sciatica of pain alternating with _________
  • 24. A method of potentizing which uses turbulence in liquids to potentize, instead of succussion.

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