Crossword March 2012

Crossword March 2012

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  • 1. Country in western Europe which recently issued a 300 page report favoring homeopathy.
  • 2. Islets of Langerhans are found in this organ.
  • 3. Poison of the toad
  • 4. Phos., Nat m., Ars and carbo veg are useful after abuse of this mineral for flavoring food.
  • 5. If your patient steals things, you could find it under this rubric in Kent's Repertory.
  • 6. Oleum Jacoris is made from the oil of this fish.
  • 7. If a remedy produced a symptom in all the provers and was also verified clinically, it will appear in this type of font in Kent.
  • 8. This lac remedy is used to dry up mother's miilk.
  • 9. Suppression of mother�s milk due to cold or mastitis
  • 10. Symptoms change in quality and location, no two stools alike, craves fresh air.
  • 11. Term referring to illnesses produced by medical treatment.
  • 12. This acid remedy is apathetic, burned out from grief or disappointed love and craves fruit and juicy things.
  • 13. Hoarseness of singers as soon as they begin to sing often yields to this antioxidant elemental remedy.
  • 14. Morphinum is a specific when you're struck by this.
  • 15. Dr. H.L. Chitkara wrote a materia medica of this.
  • 16. This remedy for delirium tremens has visions of animals approaching him from every corner; tries to escape. Bright red face.


  • 17. In Jan Scholten's schema, this metal series represents a person developing abilities and learning tasks and trades.
  • 18. This remedy is indicated by backache,headache, fever and convulsions after vaccination.
  • 19. This remedy has oily skin, warts, and is worse from damp weather, onions, tea and vaccination.
  • 20. In Kent's repertory, remedies for bossy and domineering will be found under this rubric.
  • 21. This metallic element is the chronic of Bryonia and complementary to it.
  • 22. Julian Winston and Harris Coulter were best known for gathering information on this aspect of homeopathy.
  • 23. Overgrowth of tissues characterizes this miasm.
  • 24. Mecurius iodatus ruber has an affinity for this side of the throat.
  • 25. Agaricus, Bovista, Secale and Ustilago belong to this natural botanical order.
  • 26. This remedy is inimical to Rhus Tox.
  • 27. What drug has early and scanty menses in tall, slender females?
  • 28. This element has an atomic weight of 16 and you can't live without it for long.
  • 29. In his later years, Tinus Smits developed CEASE therapy to treat this disorder.
  • 30. This stroke remedy has rattling, stertorous breathing, and a very dark red Face.

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