Crossword April 2012

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  • 1. Spicy homesickness remedy
  • 2. This remedy has anger followed by repentence. Aggr running water and shining objects.
  • 3. Colostrum, Lac caninum and Adrenalinum belong to this class of remedies.
  • 4. Chlorine, Fluorine, Bromine and Iodine belong to this chemical group.
  • 5. This calc is made from kidney stones.
  • 6. Irritable, oversensitive to pain, aggr coffee, aggr dentition.
  • 7. The late Juilan Winston and Harris Coulter were both known for their expertise in this aspect of homeopathy.
  • 8. Method of inhaling the remedy.
  • 9. Lactuca virosa is the wild version of this common salad ingredient. Increases breast milk.
  • 10. This left sided remedy has a wicked tongue which also seems pointed.
  • 11. Squilla is a spleen remedy which loses this while coughing.
  • 12. Author of Principles of Prescribing K.N.____________
  • 13. Common name for an ecchymose.
  • 14. Hayfever with sneezing as primary complaint. Craves warm drinks
  • 15. Canadian homeopath known for his expertise in cancer treatment.
  • 16. The number of the cranial nerve associated with Tinnitus
  • 17. This metal loves praise and the good opinion of others. Keeps up brightly in company, fatigued afterwards.


  • 18. This carbonicum is confirmed for cough while playing piano.
  • 19. This nerve protecting remedy antidotes the effects of mesmerism.
  • 20. This remedy has perspiration only while awake.
  • 21. Delusion he sees scorpions. Painlessness of normally painful complaints. Pupils constricted.
  • 22. Delusion that she is always alone and alone in the world.
  • 23. This flatulent remedy has perspiration smelling like onions.
  • 24. Remedy indicated by gradual paralysis, aggravation celibacy.
  • 25. Boenninghausen's occupation prior to homeopathy.
  • 26. This American homeopath developed an approach called Cycles and Segments. Author of Pediatric Constitutional Types.
  • 27. Tube that connects the middle ear with the back of the nasal cavity.
  • 28. Patients using Rhus tox should not follow it with this animal remedy.
  • 29. This halogen remedy has stony hard glands, tickling cough worse from over heating, better by the sea.
  • 30. Tubercular whooping cough remedy. Anxiety alone, aggr after midnight.

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