Crossword February 2012

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  • 1. The miasm indicated by someone who is timid, hungy at night, worse standing, worse from cold, poor assimiliation of food.
  • 2. In Rajan Sankaran's schema, competition is characteristic of this kindgom.
  • 3. This plant remedy is the chief complement of Lachesis.
  • 4. Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen comprise this class of fattening foods.
  • 5. Treatment of a disease with the identical disease agent.
  • 6. A unique feature or fundamental aspect of a remedy.
  • 7. Found in the kitchen and used for sweetining - C12 H22 O11
  • 8. A blue line on the margin of gums suggests this remedy.
  • 9. Some remedies are best used in sequence. What is the last member of this list? Ignatia, Nat mur, ________
  • 10. From 1956-1961 over 50,000 doses of Lathyrus were given in Buenas Aires, to effectively prevent this disease.
  • 11. Number of Thoracic Vertebrae
  • 12. Borax, Cina, Apis and Stram all dread moving in this direction.
  • 13. First name of remedy often used for deep brising of the breast.
  • 14. Things seem small, violent desire, fear of being hanged.


  • 15. Most abundant element in the earth's crust.
  • 16. This remedy made from a common beverage, is incompatible with cocculus.
  • 17. Obese, chilly, sweaty, fear of bugs.
  • 18. In Rajan Sankaran's schema, the basic quality of this kingdom is sensitivity.
  • 19. In Boenninghausen's Repertory the relative values of the remedies are distinguised by this number of rankings.
  • 20. Headed by Dr. Ardavan Shahrdar, Minutus is the homeopathy oganization of this country.
  • 21. The Kali sulph tongue is this color at the base.
  • 22. Made from a spice, this remedy has obesity, indolence, laziness, dirtiness and homesickness.
  • 23. Remedy often used for injury to teh eyeball from a blunt object.
  • 24. Using dilution ratios of 1 to 9, you are creating remedies in this scale.
  • 25. A weak and very slow pulse that intermits every 3rd, 5th or 7th beat may suggest this remedy who's name derives from finger.
  • 26. Remedy for fecal impaction with hot, dry skin, worse from light, noise, jar, craves lemonade.
  • 27. One of the antidotes to poison ivy toxin. Chilly but worse from heat and better from cold application.
  • 28. The Society of Homeopaths is a homeopathy organization in this country.
  • 29. Ant. Crud, Ars, China, Puls, Sul, Kali m and Bell may all have a tongue coated this color.
  • 30. Alum, Calc, Cic, Ferr, Nat.m, Nit ac. and Nux, all crave this soft compact calcite substance.

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